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Arthur Hastings

Arthur Hastings

(Neosho, Missouri: May 23rd, 1935 - Palo Alto, California: April 13th, 2014)

Dr. Arthur Claude Hastings was a semi-pro magician and research director of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has researched aspects of parapsychology and in particular extra-sensory perception, remote viewing, hypnosis, dreams, and bereavement. He was well known as a parapsychologist and considered that the scientific research evidence was more than enough to establish the reality of extra-sensory perception.

He was a consultant on remote viewing research at SRI International and published successful research studies on the subject. He also investigated poltergeist phenomena, using his insights into conjuring techniques to identify several cases of deception or misinterpretation. He wrote critiques of Israeli psychic Uri Geller and deceptive psychic readers that were published in the literature of parapsychology. He was one of the few individuals who had expert knowledge of magical techniques and also investigated paranormal phenomena with an open mind.

Coauthors: Bert Allerton, Tony Corinda, Ulysses Frederick Grant, Edward Marlo, Joseph White

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Bert Allerton & Tony Corinda & Ulysses Frederick Grant & Arthur Hastings & Edward Marlo & Joseph White
ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit by Bert Allerton & Tony Corinda & Ulysses Frederick Grant & Arthur Hastings & Edward Marlo & Joseph White

This ebook includes a nice introduction to Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and a range of tricks from quick effects to longer routines. Note that many of the effects described require some double-face ESP cards.

  • The Study Of ESP / Arthur Hastings
  • Little Miracles / U. F. Grant
  • The Two Card Trick / Bert Allerton
  • The Third Choice / Tony Corinda
  • That's The One / Joseph White
  • Signed, Sealed And Delivered / Joseph White
  • Edward Marlo And ESP
    • Foreword
    • Blank Card Prediction
    • Mental Reselection
    • Under Cover Mentalism
    • Behind, Under Or Above
    • Second Method
    • Card Man's Mentalism
  • One Out...
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