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Tony Corinda

Tony Corinda

(England: 16th May 1930 – Norfolk, England: 1st July, 2010)

Stage and pen name of Thomas William Simpson. Corinda was a variation on the name Conradi. Joined The Magic Circle in 1954. An ex-laboratory assistant turned pro mentalist and dealer. The Magic Shop in Tottenham Court Road was originally run by Dick Chavel, and later taken over by Corinda. Corinda also had the magic concession in Hamleys Toy Shop in Regent Street. This was located in the basement of the store and was run for a period by Ali Bongo, who also demonstrated magic at the Tottenham Court Road location. Wrote the classic series, 13 Steps to Mentalism (1958-60, 424pp; repr in 1 vol, 1960, 424pp), plus Mini-Slate Magic (1958, 20pp, probably partly ghosted by Jon Tremaine), Teletrickery (1961, 13pp), and The Complete Guide to Billet-Switching (1976, ed by Ralph Read).

Coauthors: Ralph W. Read

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Tony Corinda
The Centre Tear by Tony Corinda

A very detailed description of how Tony Corinda performs his legendary center tear. The effect is as simple and baffling as: The spectator is invited to think of a word and write it on a slip of paper. The paper is burnt and from the ashes, the mentalist reads the chosen word.

This is Number 1 of "Corinda's Selected Effects". From the introduction:

There are lots of versions of the Centre Tear (or "Torn Centre") and some of them are good - others deplorable. This is not so much a "variation" as a "routine". It is the exact handling that I use and is the result of continuous performance....

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Tony Corinda
Corinda Catalog No 2: 1960 by Tony Corinda

Magic, books, occultism, mentalism, manuscripts

1st edition 1960, 43 pages.

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Tony Corinda & Ralph W. Read
The Complete Guide to Billet Switching by Tony Corinda & Ralph W. Read

This is a combination of Corinda's Step 6 of his 13-Steps to Mentalism on Billets, and Ralph Read's One Man Mind Reading Secrets.

Part One Technique

  • Introduction
  • A Few Simple Rules For Working with Billets
  • The Centre Tear - Corinda Variation
  • The Centre Tear - Punx - Meir Variation
  • Centre Tear - One Hand Variation
  • Centre Tear - Corinda's Backward Variation
  • Centre Tear - Preparation of the Billet
  • Centre Tear - Reading the Billet
  • Billet Switch - Bare Hand Method
  • - Billet Switch (Annemann)
  • - The Billet Switch Bare Hand Method (Corinda)
  • Billet Switch by Lapping
  • Billet Switch - Magnetic Clip...
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)