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At the Drop of a Match
by Ken de Courcy


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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At the Drop of a Match by Ken de Courcy

From the introduction:

It must be fifty years since Will Blyth wrote his two books on Matchstick Magic. Yet, with coins, matches are the commonest articles carried with which magic can be performed.

AT THE DROP OF A MATCH describes a number of impromptu tricks with matches that have served me over the years. Most have been gathered from books and other magicians; some are original and others have been given new slants.

Learn a few, give them a little practice and you will never be at a loss when a party is flagging, or someone suggests you "show them a trick.


  • PART ONE - Match Puzzles
    • Tantalising Cocktail
    • Upstream - Downstream
  • PART TWO - Match Magic
    • The Nothing-to-do-Match Trick
    • The Blowaway Suspension
    • The Ringed Match
    • Back, Back and Restored
    • Witchwood
    • Werry's Crazy Match Routine
  • PART THREE - Match Mentalism
    • The Marked Match
    • The Last Match
    • The Three Piles Divination
    • Two Line Divination
    • Up or Down
    • The Jackpot Matchbox
  • PART FOUR - Match Gags
    • Road Hog
    • The Three Bears

1st edition 1983, PDF 35 pages.
word count: 6964 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text