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Girl in Little House Illusion Revisited
by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant


(2 reviews, 12 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Girl in Little House Illusion Revisited by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

A mind-boggling illusion that you can do without having to buy expensive props or building stuff yourself. Do it with any two screens at the venue you are performing at. This trick can be done almost anywhere and under almost all conditions.

They know it can't be done and so do you. However, you do it anyhow. This creates the perfect illusion that you have actually squeezed a lady from the audience into a tiny doll house and carried her across the room or stage! Unbelievable, but true.

This is a new and improved version of an old U. F. Grant idea. You have two folding screens on stage (these can be from the venue you perform at, many banquet rooms or stages have folding screens.) Invite a lady from the audience, whom you have never met before and is totally unrehearsed to step behind the screen on the left side. Show a small toy house as seen in the photo and place it behind the screen on the left. The screens are well away from any curtains.

You tell the lady to squeeze herself into the little house while behind the screen. You reach behind the screen and pick up the little house. You ask the woman if she is inside and the audience hears her say, "Yes, I am inside here." You do this without the aid of expensive electronics. You carry the small house over to the right screen and put it behind the screen. You ask the lady to force herself out of the house and come out. She steps out from behind the right screen, amidst the GASPS from the audience. Appears completely impossible! No need to coach the woman before the show. No pre-show work is needed of any kind. Any lady who comes forth can be used. TWO DIFFERENT METHODS REVEALED! Use any lady from the audience totally at random. When she comes up, she has no idea what you plan to do. In one method, she actually reaches out from the screen and takes the house from the performer. She puts the house on the floor and apparently crawls into it. The magician picks up the small house now on the floor and talks to the lady inside. The audience hears her speaking back. The performer carries the little house over to the other screen and the lady emerges from the other screen, even though the screens are 10 to 15 feet apart.

This can also be done with two folding screens sold in the box stores. You can buy inexpensive folding screens or folding room dividers for around $35 to $50 each as of this writing, so no great expenditure is require. In most cases, you can use screens at the local venue. You can buy a small doll house in the larger toy stores.

You don't need actual screens; you can use two of the small Jet Sets available from Abbott Magic Company, these collapse and will fit in the backseat of your car. Put each one about 10 feet apart from each other and you can perform the illusion. Many magicians already own two of these for use in their shows.

Work anywhere, even outdoors, as no special background is required. Done properly, this is a banner illusion that really fools them badly. Use any lady from the audience. A new superior method that greatly expands upon the original Grant idea. Even if you know the original Grant idea, you don't know these improvements or how to create the illusion of the girl's voice coming from inside the house. In some cases, you can create the voice coming from the house effect for $1.00.

This is one of the most novel illusion ideas ever created and is something your audiences have not seen. This is a real reputation maker that will leave them talking long after your card tricks have been forgotten. This is one of the cleverest and devious secrets you will ever read.

If you use the second method described, The Mel Strouse Subtlety, where the girl is seen taking the house from the performer, before she crawls inside. Then your audience will go home wondering how such a thing is possible! This allows you to create a major illusion using just ungimmicked screens.

Complete routine and script that starts with an audience guessing game, using a man from the audience, this follows with the unbelievable putting a lady into a small house. The PDF explains every nuance developed by Devin Knight in performing this for over 30 years. Nothing left to the imagination, as everything is explained in detailed. You can do this!

"Girl In Little House is the most original routine I have read this year. It shows how much entertainment and illusion mystery can come when a magician is capable of knowing how to fit together the important subtle sub-pieces that deliver a truly memorable mystery. Devin has allowed me to enter, for a while, his inner chamber of delightful secrets. I feel gratitude for being accorded this privilege. This PDF is highly recommended." - Ronald Levy

1st edition 2016, 19 pages.
word count: 4846 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Karl Mathers
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 17 April, 2016

I performed it in a show last night and people thought I had trap doors and everything, totally fooled them all and dead easy to perform and good fun.

Reviewed by Eric Gumieney (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 16 April, 2016

This is just plain fun. It is a real winner. I smiled as I read the pdf. It reminds me of good old fashioned magic from a bye gone era. Devin Knight does a great job in explaining all that needs to be done to make this effect one that will be talked about long after your show is completed. I'm very pleased with this purchase and I believe you will too. The psychology behind this is insane and FUN!

I highly recommend this.