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by E. Brian MacCarthy


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Impromptu by E. Brian MacCarthy

From the Foreword:

This is a book of impromptu effects. The word "impromptu" has been taken to mean that no apparatus nor fakes need be carried; the performer relies on obtaining one or two objects which either he will probably be carrying on his person, such as coins; or will most certainly be instantly available wherever he may be; such as cards. Simple preparation, as for instance tearing a slit in a borrowed envelope, is allowable, but no more. It is obvious that the word "impromptu" cannot mean "requiring no practice". Any effect, however simple, requires that. But as long as the reader will keep a few effects well-rehearsed he will never be bowled out when asked to "do a few tricks," as after a moment's borrowing and maybe a couple of minutes' preparation he will be ready to perform.

The effects described herein are original. I have never seen them performed, nor have I read of similar effects in print.

  • Foreword
  • Coin Section
    • A Pretty Coin Production
    • A Coin Production Dodge
    • "Smack" Coin Routine
    • Into The Bank
    • The Alchemist
    • The Dishonest Customer
    • The Idiotic Money-Box
    • The Disappearing Hole
  • Card Section
    • A Colour-Change Sleight
    • The Ghost Hunters
    • A Simple Card Transposition
    • A Conjurer's Card Transposition
    • Optical Illusions
    • The Joker
    • Concentrated Thought
  • Cigarette Section
    • The Torn And Restored Cigarette
    • A Cigarette Production Sleight
    • A Novel Cigarette Routine
    • The Reversible Cigarette
    • Repeating Penetration
  • Match Section
    • Experiments With Matches
    • Match Transposition
    • The Match That Lights Again

1st edition 1939, 87 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 46 pages.
word count: 14655 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text