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by Abhinav Bothra


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Audacious by Abhinav Bothra

At a house event or a party or an occasion or a show, you walk up to a stranger and call out their name, their partner's name and their occupation, the school they studied in, their last vacation spot, hotel they stayed in, the room no. in which they stayed, their honeymoon destination, things bothering them and millions of other things and also the things that even their close friends are unaware of.

This is a forcing technique of a particular time on clock without a watch or any other prop whatsoever.

A card forcing method that plays with the concept of dual reality. What it looks like is this - The magician spreads a borrowed and shuffled deck hand to hand while looking away. The spectator peeks at a card and takes the deck back. The magician turns back and still he is aware of the spectator's peeked card.

This effect is a remote viewing with cards. Spectator selects 4 cards. You turn your back towards them. They shuffle the 4 cards and hold 2 in each hand. With your back turned towards them you are able to call out the sum of the values of the card in each hand. You even proceed to identify the cards and the hand in which they are.

This is basically Card At Any Number effect where you do not need to know the number. You deal the cards hand to hand and they call out stop anywhere and the very next card is their card.

Bonus: Mental Rock Paper Scissors
This is a one-phased regular Rock Paper Scissors game, just played differently.

1st edition 2013, updated 2014, 43 pages.
word count: 5277 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Max Caig
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 23 February, 2014

Just would like to point-out that this book is mainly directed towards stage mentalism. The only thing that can be done closeup is Stop. Time frame and Behind my back are really clever. And you may find havoc intimidating as i did, but be cautious that practically you cant look into someones mind, there has to be a method either easy or hard.