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Audience Tested Originalities
by Graham Reed

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Audience Tested Originalities by Graham Reed

Twenty-seven practical tricks which you, and your audiences, will enjoy. A whole host of laugh-grabbing gags is worth a fortune to the working performer. A valuable look at publicity and promotion. Graham Reed is a top advertising executive; don't miss reading his suggestions. A useful collection of games for children's parties. This section, alone, is worth the price of the ebook. A mixed grill of extremely interesting ideas, comments, thoughts, hints, and tips.

  • Hello...
    • Bingo 'Just Chance'
    • Joker Prediction
    • Publicity Spot Paddle
    • Postcard Brainwave
    • Pendulum Perception
    • Magic Square
    • E.S.P. Five Card Flim-Flam
    • Male/Female Divination
    • Coin thru' Table
    • Oil Strike
    • Cabaret 'Out of this World'
    • Three Purse Swindle
    • The Thing
    • Book-mark Mentalism
    • E.S.P. Prediction
    • Once in the Blue Moon
    • Queen of the Clubs
    • Ring off Rope
    • 7 Keys - again
    • All the same
    • Cups and Saucers Coin Transpo'
    • The Gamblers Golden Gimmick
    • Claude the Educated Clothes Peg
    • Pound Note Revelation
    • Chain Neck Release
    • The Lady Reveals ALL!
    • Dice Strip
  • Section Two: PATTER
    • The Wonderful World of Words
  • Section Three: PUBLICITY
    • Publicity...
  • Section Four: PARTY PIECES
    • Party Fun for the Children
  • Section Five: POT-POURRI
    • Colour Changing Spot
    • Visiting Card Reverse
    • Continental Revelation
    • Prediction Map
    • Washer Thru

1st edition 1980, 74 pages; PDF 74 pages.
word count: 20948 which is equivalent to 83 standard pages of text