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Bank Night on Voice Call
by Unknown Mentalist

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Bank Night on Voice Call by Unknown Mentalist

Another interesting approach to the classic effect. This is a completely different method and principle to Propless Bank Night.

No props needed. No equivoque. No anagrams. No Math. Totally free choices. Everything happens in the participant's mind who is on the other end of a voice call with the performer, maybe thousands of miles away. The performer even tells the participant upfront the contents of each envelope involved in the routine. The participant chooses the envelopes freely, there is no force. And yet the participant is stunned with the result.

This can be performed one on one over a voice call or video call or even via text messages. And yet packs a punch in terms of impact. No dual reality, no instant stooging, no stooges, no envelopes, no props. The routine can be performed with different themes of holiday destinations, movies, sports, celebrities, music, food, memories, dreams etc.

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1st edition 2022, PDF 12 pages.
word count: 3079 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text