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Dice Reading
by Barry Ray

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Dice Reading by Barry Ray

Why dice?

Barry wanted a reading system that could be performed in the hands, sitting down or just walking around, that didn't require a table or a spread. That could be done inside or outside, regardless of the weather conditions. Something that didn't get soiled, torn, blown away or that water would ruin. So cards were out. Runes and stones fit the bill, but to get different coloured ones and of the same size isn't easy. Barry needed a uniform size and nothing too esoteric. Dice fit this description and are easily available.

Long before tarot and runes, soothsayers used to cast bones, the ancient equivalent of dice.

This system is designed for a quick reading, five minutes at the most, but can be easily expanded for a more detailed reading.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Part One: The Physical Dice
  3. Why Dice
  4. Required
  5. The System
  6. Cues
  7. The 1 to 6 Numbers
  8. The Colours
  9. The 7 to 12 Numbers
  10. Numerology Characteristics
  11. Reading the Die
  12. Summing Up

  13. Part Two: The Invisible Die
  14. The Invisible Die
  15. Using the Invisible Die
  16. The Tic Sheet
  17. Using the Tic Sheet in a group setting
  18. The Tic Sheet: Material of the Die
  19. The Tic Sheet: Colour of the Die
  20. The Tic Sheet: Number of the Die
  21. Summing up the Tic Sheet
  22. Further Reading and Credits

  23. Printing the Tic Sheet
  24. A4 Inner Pages
  25. A4 Outer Pages

1st edition 2009; 32 pages.
word count: 5194 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text