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Basic Training for Breakfast
by Ian Kendall

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Basic Training for Breakfast by Ian Kendall

From the introduction:

Magic lectures, and more relevantly their notes, are a strange thing. While some are an endless parade of tricks and their explanations, some are thinly disguised dealer dems and some are virtuoso displays of unattainable sleight of hand, there are occasionally lectures that offer the inside information on performing for real people. Where it's not just the tricks that matter, it's all the little bits and pieces that lie in between the lines that make the difference between 'doing a trick' and 'making magic happen'. Guess which one I'm aiming for here.

The goal is that these notes will stand up on their own - it won't be necessary to have seen the lecture to get the benefit of the advice, but it would certainly help. The subjects covered will range from close up to stage magic, attention management (which is a much nicer way of saying misdirection) to body language and presentation skills.

I hope you enjoy reading these routines and essays, and you find something that you can add to your own repertoire, either a new trick or a new way of looking at something.


Stage One Coin Routine A coin is produced, vanishes, reappears and grows

Close Up One Coin Routine A coin falls up, then vanishes, then reappears

The Knot Routine A series of knots appear, or not, in a rope

Roy Walton's Poof Change A card visibly changes into the selection by blowing on it

The Spanish Control A very easy card control

The Simple Pass A slightly harder easy card control

The Palm and Gambler's Cop Palming with one hand from the top or bottom of the deck.

Quick n Dirty Cards to Pocket Four cards are lost in the deck and immediately travel to four pockets

Posture Problems Standing up for magicians. A discussion

Three Found Cards Three unseen cards are divined by the magician

1st edition 2015, 46 pages.
word count: 14869 which is equivalent to 59 standard pages of text