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Best Tricks with Invisible Thread

by Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. Whitney

(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Best Tricks with Invisible Thread by Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. Whitney

Originally this book was titled Tricks with Hair. Twenty-Six outstanding tricks, tips, and secrets that enable you to perform some of the most baffling effects in all of magic!

What is invisible thread? New chapters only in this edition reveal the secrets of invisible thread and even how to make your own. These secrets have been jealously guarded by top close-up and stage performers, as well as magic dealers ... until now.

Today, U. F. Grant is recognized as one of the most phenomenal creators of baffling mysteries. His original manuscript has been updated and packed with new information to make it an even better buy. Already own a supply of invisible thread? Now you can put it to immediate use with terrific close-up magic, platform, and club effects, outstanding mental mysteries, and even a seance-type stunt with your partner, who acts as a Medium.

  • Introduction
  • What is Invisible Thread?
  • How To Make Invisible Thread
  • Invisible Thread Alternatives
  • Tricks with Invisible Thread
    1. The Rising Coin
    2. A Bar Betcha
    3. Pub Crawl
    4. Floating Bill
    5. Got A Match?
    6. Rising Card Trick
    7. Appearing Coin
    8. Torn & Restored Floating Paper
    9. A Ghostly Cut
    10. Which Book?
    11. X-Ray Eyes
    12. Living or Dead Test
    13. Vanishing and Reappearing Coin
    14. The Rising Pencil
    15. Rising Pencil Variation
    16. Here, Have a Smoke
    17. Coat, Tape and Ring Tip
    18. Find the Ace
    19. Coin in Glass Vanish Redux
    20. Enchanted Finger Ring
    21. Hindu Rope Trick
    22. Close-up Acrobatics
    23. Back to Life
    24. Come Fly with Me
    25. Balancing Act
    26. Card Test
  • About the Authors
  • Thank You
  • Recommended Titles

1st edition 1940, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 7098 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by James "Gaddy" Gadbois (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 01 May, 2022

Very nice old book. Everything in it is still usable today. Due to the sub-standard materials of the day they had to work with, everything in here is essentially "bulletproof" with today's miraculous IT resources. The co-author, T.A. Whitney has added new material to supplement UFG's mid-twentieth century text.