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Bionic Coin by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

This is an exceedingly clever and versatile way to gimmick a coin to create a stunning and visual effect. It works with many coins including US quarters, half dollars and dollars, some Euro coins, as well as many other coins from various countries.

Effect: You ask a spectator for a coin. The spectator or performer marks or draws something on the coin. You show your hands empty and you show the coin clearly from both sides. At this point there is no secret second coin involved. You simply move your finger across the face of the coin and the drawing instantly changes, either vanishes or transforms into something different.

The coin is gimmicked and therefore you will have to secretly exchange the coin with the one the spectator provides. The video will teach some ways to do this. But with the right presentation you could introduce your own coin eliminating the sleight of hand entirely. The gimmicking is quite easy and versatile once you know how it is done.

You will be able to:

  • vanish a mark a spectator made on the coin
  • change a drawing into something else
  • have a prediction appear on the prior empty coin
  • have a mark penetrate the coin from one side to the other
  • and many more ... in total 17 different effects and handlings are taught

1st edition 2008, length 30 min

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