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Birthday Calendar
by Unknown Mentalist

#2 Mentalism & Spiritism author

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PDF & softcover |  
Birthday Calendar by Unknown Mentalist

This includes physical products, a set of 4 business card size gimmicks, which will be shipped to you. The ebook can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf. Once the initial set of gimmicks is gone this will only be available as PDF without any mailed gimmicks.

A powerful combination of methods makes this a versatile tool for birthday divinations. You can always carry this set of 4 cards in your wallet. Any participant's exact birthday (date and month) can be divined using any of the dozen combo methods built into the cards. The range of different methods enables one to repeat this for different participants in the same group. Apart from the exact birthday, other information like zodiac sign, ruling planet etc about the participant can also be revealed. There is nothing to reset and the cards are fully examinable before, during and after the performance. The cards can also be used as 'hidden in plain sight' cribs for propless version.

For some of the methods, just a little bit of memory will be required, but there are options to work around that too. The set of 4 cards look mysteriously beautiful and you will enjoy using them.

1st edition 2017, 23 pages.

Reviewed by David Burmeister (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 21 October, 2017

This is another nice effect from THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST. First of all, the business cards are very nice quality laminated business cards. The nice thing about this effect is that you can do it in so many different ways. In my personal opinion, this is a close up version of ELEMENTAL. Having said that, I prefer having BIRTHDAY CALENDAR over ELEMENTAL as I believe that the gimmicks on the cards are better hidden and the cards are more professional looking (That is why I bought two more sets of cards). I believe to still get a better understanding of everything you need to have this, ELEMENTAL and ELEMENTAL 2. In my opinion if you have HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRANGER, BIRTHDAY CALENDAR, MIND SPARK 1, SIGNATURE and STAR SIGNATURE, you will have some very powerful star sign divinations. (Check out SUPER STAR BUNDLE ALSO!)

I recommend getting BIRTHDAY CALENDAR NOW while the cards are still available AND the effect is at this price!


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