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Bull's-Eye Coin Tricks
by Laurie Ireland & Edward Marlo


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Bull's-Eye Coin Tricks by Laurie Ireland & Edward Marlo

Includes the Human Slot Machine and other guaranteed laugh jackpots, a modern line of patter for the Miser's Dream, a complete routine with a single coin, and tricks with coins of all sizes. Photographically illustrated.

Paul Fleming wrote:

This 28-page booklet is printed by the offset method from neatly typed manuscript; it is illustrated with 43 photographic reproductions (some of which are less clear than could be desired, and are not always in complete agreement with the text; and is bound in soft boards. It contains nine items by Edward Marlo, eleven by L. L. Ireland, and one by Paul Studham.

Mr. Marlo's contributions include a New Back Palm Vanish and Production for a half-dozen coins, which appears to be easy but involves a somewhat unnatural way of holding the coins when showing them to the audience; the Passe-Passe Coins, a new method of causing four coins to pass, one at a time, from one hand to the other; a clever trick with two half-dollars and a dime; a feat in which the performer undertakes to make a dime vanish, but succeeds in disposing of only nine cents, since a penny remains behind; an effective penetration feat with coins and a handkerchief; and (with three pages of explanation, and nine illustrations) a Single Coin Routine, which employs ten different "moves" and should prove very entertaining.

Mr. Ireland's best items (as we see it) are The Imaginary Half-Dollar, in which an imaginary coin becomes real and later vanishes; a coin vanish, suggested by a sleight employed by John Ramsey, the Scotch coin expert; another coin vanish, designed to duplicate a Nate Leipzig specialty; and a clean-cut vanish for a coin of dollar size. The Studham contribution (The Human Slot Machine) is in reality the production of a glass of whiskey, rather than a coin trick.

As is so often the case with coin feats, many of the things that appear in this booklet are sleights rather than complete tricks; and are suitable chiefly (and, in some instances, exclusively) for very small groups - for it is scarcely fair to ask an audience to watch a trick with a penny or a dime, unless it is a very small audience, indeed. Nevertheless, these sleights and tricks should be exceedingly useful to a multitude of "vest-pocket" magicians and other "close-up" workers. Bull's-Eye Coin Tricks presents many novel twists, and is a welcome addition to the literature of coin magic, which to lovers of this branch of conjuring must seem to be entirely too meager.

  • New Back Palm Vanish And Production
  • Marlo's Front And Back Palm
  • Passe Passe Coins
  • Two Halves And A Dime
  • Money From Magic
  • Marlo's Poor Man's Trick
  • Penetration And Audible Arrival
  • Single Coin Routine
  • Two Ideas
  • The Imaginary Half Dollar
  • The Toss Up Vanish
  • A Close-Up Trick For A Bar
  • In And Out Of The Fist
  • The Human Slot Machine
  • Production Of Coins From The Mouth
  • Patter For The Miser's Dream
  • A Coin Pass
  • The Thumb Crotch Palm
  • The Five Coin Pass
  • Through The Palm
  • Why Use Real Money When Palming Coins Are So Cheap?

1st edition 1942; 1st digital edition 2016, 35 pages.
word count: 9335 which is equivalent to 37 standard pages of text