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Business as Usual
by John Gelasi


(4 customer ratings) ★★★

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Business as Usual by John Gelasi

Young magician John Gelasi is back with an entirely new and exciting collection if magic, all involving the use of business cards.

Business card magic is often one of the most important genres of magic a magician can have under his belt. Instead of simply handing out your card, why not do some magic with your card, and then give it away? This enables you to give away an amazing and memorable souvenir, while at the same time cunningly handing out your business card.

All of the effects in this ebook are strong, visual, and relatively easy to do.

Routines included:

  • Slider: A visual "correction" of a misprinted business card that will leave your spectators speechless.
  • Trade Off: Two signed pieces of a business card transpose in the spectator's hand, and then fuse back together.
  • Lunch Break: A novel sandwich routine with a deck of cards and three business cards with an ending that nobody will see coming.
  • Sketchy: An image of a selected coin drawn on the back of a business card becomes real. Both the card and the coin may be kept by the audience member.
  • Portrait Surprise: The magician's picture on his business card reveals a selected playing card in a spectacular way.
  • That Figures: An uncanny prediction using business cards with numbers on them. A simple idea with loads of possibilities.
  • Bonus Effect, With Drawn: A borrowed $1 bill becomes a $20 bill: but there's a huge twist.
Besides full explanations, the ebook features over 35 full color photo illustrations, as well as video demos and special sections detailing the magnitude of the souvenir given out at the end of each effect, so you're sure to learn each one in the easiest possible manner.

"I believe what the effects serve as an interesting collection of ideas. Highly recommended!" - Andrew Loh

"Honestly, there is no better way to give out your business card as a magician than using it in an effect. With "Business as Usual", John gives us creative solutions to magic tricks with business cards." - Andrew Galanter

1st edition 2011; 35 pages.
word count: 5802 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text