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Andrew Loh

(1983 - )

Born in Malacca, Malaysia under the sign of Aquarius, Andrew become interested in magic with six years of age. David Copperfield was his inspiration to become a magician when Andrew saw him vanish a silk in his bare hands. His first magic book was by Mark Wilson and later through a clip by Peter Duffie he fell in love with the pasteboards.

Andrew draws most of his inspiration from Roy Walton, Alex Elmsley, Peter Duffie, Jerry Sadowitz and Guy Hollingworth.

His other interests are playing the electronic organ, tarot, listening to music, reading, and cooking. Currently he is pursuing a degree in international business.

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Triu2ph by Andrew LohA simple version of a two-phase triumph effect.

Two cards are freely selected and lost in the deck. The performer shuffles the cards face up in a face‐down deck. When the deck is flipped over, the performer confirms whether this card is any one of the spectators or not and the answer is “no”. The performer requests the first spectator to grab this unknown card and treat it as her “lucky card” and gives a light tap on the deck.

Magically, all the cards turn face up except for one card which is the second spectator’s selection which is face up in the middle of the deck. The performer...

2011 / 2 / 21
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Instant Transposition by Andrew LohA visual two-packet transposition card effect.

The performer introduces two packets of cards; the four Aces and Kings. The Ace‐packet is placed on the table and with a magical gesture, the Kings packet magically transforms into the Aces. The Kings are now on the table.

Your version is very visual. I like it! - Mike Powers

It's a lovely handling Andrew! - Harvey Rosenthal

Good Stuff! - Peter Duffie

What amazed me about this trick is that the visual change actually works! When you first read through it with cards in hand, you think, "Wait a minute... This can't be right..." But it's amazing...

2011 / 2 / 21
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Kollectors Revisited by Andrew LohThis is one of Andrew's favourite routines. He has been performing Kollectors Revisited for many years in his act and he regards this effect as his pet routine.

This effect plays big and best of all, it's impromptu and can be performed with a borrowed deck.

In addition, if you are going to perform card magic that has great impact to layman, this effect is for you. This effect involves three freely selected cards and they can be signed. You cause their signed selections to vanish into thin air and magically, the selections appear in a very magical manner.

This e-book is not suitable...

2010 / 12 / 15
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Hallucination by Andrew LohHallucination is Andrew's first packet trick that is very easy to do and highly entertaining.

Basically, this effect involves four Queens and you magically cause any two Queens to penetrate with the other two Queens visually.

At the end, you cause all the Queens to vanish magically leaving the blank cards on the table!

There is no slit or any special cut-out card at all in this effect.

This ebook is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly some previous card handling experience is preferable.

Skill Level: 3-4 (Intermediate)


2010 / 12 / 12
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Collectors Card Case by Andrew LohThis is Andrew's handling of Roy Walton’s “The Collectors” plot. If you are familiar with his original plot, here, the magic moment takes place in the card case and it has served Andrew well over the years. He developed this handling while he was playing a number of “The Collectors” effects during the afternoon in the year of 2006.

Effect: The performer places three Kings in the card case. The performer then proceeds to have two spectators to freely choose two cards from the deck. The two selections are signed and lost in the deck. The performer waves his hand over the card case...

2010 / 2 / 8
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Divide & Conjure by Andrew LohSpectator Cuts the Aces with a truly different twist. It's very easy to do and highly entertaining...The four kings magically assemble to a single pile only to transform into four separate spectator selections!
"This is an excellent trick! One of your best yet!" - Peter Duffie

"I like 'Divide & Conjure' very much because it is easy and direct to the point; these are the effects that I favor. Keep up the good work!" - Aldo Colombini

"Andrew has another clever e-trick that is very, very good and easy to do." - Cameron Francis

1st edition 2010; 8 pages
2010 / 2 / 8
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Lord of the Rings by Andrew Loh
"This has an excellent presentation, making it a wonderfully entertaining card routine." - Peter Duffie

"Lord of the Rings effect was very sound, the moves routined into each other perfectly. The presentation for that effect was truly a wonderful idea! You took what would be just another card trick and made it a real joy to present." - Shannon Clark

Four cards are freely selected which represent the evil rings. Performer claims that among the four cards, only one card will represent the genuine ring and the performer attempts to mix the cards randomly in order to find out which card represents...
2010 / 2 / 8
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Jacks Union: a visual sandwich card effect by Andrew LohEffect:
Two red Jacks are placed on the table. A card is freely selected and signed before it is lost in the deck. One of the Jacks is placed on top of the deck and the other on the bottom of the deck. The magician waves his hand over the deck, magically, the first Jack vanishes and upon flipping over the deck, the second Jack seems to have vanished, too. The deck is spread and a face-down card is trapped in between the Jacks and this proves to be the spectator's selection.

1st edition 2010; 5 pages.

2010 / 1 / 25
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Come Together by Andrew Loh
This is a very efficient method for this effect. I like it a lot. - Peter Duffie

I like this effect very much indeed and have performed it several times with great reactions. - David Gemmell

Nice trick. Very clean. I like it. - Cameron Francis

The deck (can be borrowed) is shuffled by a spectator and the black Kings are removed from the deck. A card is freely selected (can be signed) by a spectator before it's lost in the deck.

The performer spreads the deck and instructs the spectator to freely place the first King in any part of the deck. This is followed by the second King.

The whole deck is placed onto spectator's...

2009 / 11 / 23
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The Loh of Attraction by Andrew LohA collection of Andrew's all time favorite routines. Three card effects which have been in Andrew's repertoire for years. They entertain any audience.

The Sandwich Keepers
Three Kings perform a visual miracle which incorporates the vanishing and sandwiching sequence that will delight your audience.

A card is freely chosen, signed and lost in the pack. Two Kings are removed and held in performer's hands. The pack is shown - their selection is neither on top nor at the bottom. Some gestures, the Kings visually vanished and magically transformed into the selection. The...

2009 / 1 / 10
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Royal Highness by Andrew LohThis is one of the easiest four of a kind productions with no finger flicking moves or flourishes.

Effect: Spectator freely names a number between 10 and 20. After some byplay and counting the cards in the process, the spectator unknowingly produce the four Kings.

No crimp! No markings! No gimmicks! No extra cards! No rough & smooth!

I like this a lot. I haven't seen this combination of ideas before. They work very well to produce a strong effect. - Peter Duffie

It's a very novel four of a kind production. The principle used is a simple one and makes the trick pretty much self working. - Cameron Francis ...

2008 / 4 / 4
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Healing Portal by Andrew LohThis is an impromptu ripped and restored signed card effect. This is a flash restoration and the restored signed card can be immediately given out as a souvenir and you end clean.

In this version, there is no extra card required, palming, etc. The restoration is very visual. The deck can be examined before and after the routine! Best of all, the spectator has a total free choice of the selection and no special setup of the deck. You end clean!

I was really pleased to read your excellent effect. I liked the effect of the tear disappearing. - Peter Duffie

I liked your handling of Healing Portal very...

2007 / 11 / 16
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Meltdown Cardbox by Andrew LohA card is freely selected and it is placed in between the four Kings. The Kings packet is then placed in the card case and the flap is closed. Performer snaps the card case with his fingers, a card seems to melt through the card case. The card case is opened and four Kings are found inside. You end clean!
  • No setup.
  • Great opener.
  • No gimmicks or duplicates.
  • It's impromptu and can be performed at any time.
  • The deck can be borrowed - visual magic at its best.
This is professionally illustrated which is quite rare in the days of quick shot digital cameras.
I performed your trick for...
2007 / 11 / 4
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