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by Michael P. Lair

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Candles by Michael P. Lair

Effects with Fantasio's vanishing and appearing candles.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Fantasio’s vanishing and appearing candles are in every serious magician’s bag of tricks. Lit candles add suspense and romance to an evening of magic. Audiences love fire!

Candles is dedicated to Fantasio, and everyone who has enjoyed his magical products over the past few decades. It is also dedicated to the new generation of magicians who are just getting acquainted with the Fantasio line. The best days of magic are ahead of you! May books like Candles, and other books on Fantasio magic, inspire magicians with fresh, creative new ideas for years to come.

Candles are a delight for the audience to watch. Treat your audience to a little romance — perform magic tonight by candlelight!

  • Dedication
  • Author
  • Introduction
  • Vanish
    • Firefall
    • Flashspin
    • Triple
    • Stripped
    • Cane Fire
  • Appear
    • Spitfire
    • Flashover
    • Flower Power
    • Colors
    • Flare

1st edition 1987, PDF 39 pages.
word count: 4507 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text