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Canned Dunbury
by Scott F. Guinn

#1 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(4 customer ratings) ★★★

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Canned Dunbury by Scott F. Guinn

A comedy card on seat routine with a twist.

This one is an absolute killer! Scott's Comedy Card on Seat routine uses a different method from the well-known Chuck Fayne or gaffed chair routines. The audience participant joins you up front and sits in an ordinary chair. Then, while you look away, he selects and signs a card, replaces it anywhere he wants in the deck and thoroughly shuffles the deck before returning it to you. After some fun, and very amusing byplay, the card vanishes, followed by a kick-in-the-head moment that NOBODY sees coming, before it is revealed that he is SITTING on the card he selected and signed AFTER he sat down! This is this a wonderfully entertaining, beautifully constructed, practical and commercial routine with a logical and funny reason for the participant to be sitting on the card.


  1. No stooges.
  2. No duplicates, rough and smooth, trick decks, wax, etc.
  3. The chair is ordinary. Scott gives advice on the best types of chair to use to facilitate things, which are affordable, attractive, and readily available, but virtually any chair can be used.
  4. The card is selected and signed AFTER the participant is seated.
  5. The participant holds the deck and fairly returns the card and shuffles while you look away.
  6. There are two other amazing effects before the revelation of the signed card on the seat.
  7. The card on the seat is the very same card that was selected and signed AFTER the participant sat down.
  8. The participant is made out to be the hero, not the goat.
  9. Easy to do! A couple of basic sleights are used, and an alternate, virtually sleight-free handling is included.
  10. Some very simple preparation is involved, but it is the work of just a few minutes, and you will likely already have everything required or a suitable substitute.
Copiously explained in Scott's famous friendly and crystal clear writing style, accompanied by photographs and all the extra tips, hints, alternate handlings, philosophy, and advice you've come to expect from Scott. This is a world-class professional routine that will garner laughs, gasps, and applause.

Responses from seasoned performers to Canned Dunbury:

"Scott, I LOVE IT! This routine is very clever and fast-paced, with lots going on and I like that. I am also a big fan of your scripts. The construction is very clever and I really appreciate how you took such simple methods and built them into such a strong and entertaining routine. Cheers on this one! I think it will be a huge hit!" - Floyd Collins

"I think this is very good. I like the way you layered the trick. Besides being funny, it is a strong fooler because of the layering. I really like the way the card is finally revealed. In my opinion, you have created what Darwin Ortiz has called "a no way moment." The audience comprehends what is going to happen but, since you're so far ahead, in their minds there is no way you could do what they know you're going to do." - John Luka

"Wow! Solid worker material. I like the wealth of detail on the furniture, props, rationale, tips, alternative directions, etc. The building effects are great, with obvious potential for corporate sponsor tie-ins. Great work!" - Darrin Cook

"Dear Scott, you deserve to be proud of this. You took an old effect and made it into something that is not just the usual humiliating of the spectator who gets laughed at by everyone. Instead, you have built it up into a beautiful routine with audience involvement, emotional humor (getting to the borderline but staying just one inch from the other side), and a progressive build-up to the finale, both magically and with wordplay. It's just excellent magic performance! Congratulations!" - Etienne Lorenceau

"I love your routine, 'Canned Dunbury!' My mind is going 100 MPH thinking about the possibilities. Thanks so much!" - Steven Steele

"What can I say? Another great routine that has wonderful moments and is structured to hide any sneaky stuff you have to do. Great thinking and great routining! Wonderful! Another winner from you." - Greg Arce

"What I really like about this routine is that it is easy, unique and in the right hands will be very funny. Scott goes into a lot of depth explaining the how's and why's of doing a sleight/move instead of just telling you to do it. He also gives you alternative ways of doing it as well. He also goes into how to choose a spectator, the type of chair to use and the thinking behind the construction of the routine. I am definitely going to try to put this into my stand-up show. Well done Scott!" - Alec Negri ("Slyhand")

"I have to tell you that I really, really like what you did with 'Canned Dunbury.' Not too many card tricks that would play as well in a cabaret setting. I will definitely use this. The use of their actual signed card and the fact that they are already seated makes it perfect. Reading it made me very happy" - Vic Brisbin

1st edition 2016, 45 pages.
word count: 13181 which is equivalent to 52 standard pages of text

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