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Capturing Bonnie and Clyde
by Biagio Fasano

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Capturing Bonnie and Clyde by Biagio Fasano

An intriguing and fooler card effect, completely impromptu and self-working.

This is a new self-working, impromptu, card effect, always performable, even with a borrowed deck: the illusionist briefly tells the story of the very famous criminal couple Bonnie & Clyde, who operated in the 1930s in the United States with their own gang. The deck of cards, shuffled by the spectator, will represent the inhabitants of the state of Louisiana, among whom hid the men and women who were part of the gang of gangsters most hunted by the police. The magician will thus form three piles of cards to represent the men and women suspects, as well as the main police forces employed in their capture.

A first spectator will cut the first pack at will, thus choosing the card that will represent Clyde. Once memorized, he will lose it. Another spectator will do the same, cutting the second pack to secretly determine the card she must remember as representing Bonnie. Finally, the conjurer will turn to face, taking it from the third pack, a card that will indicate the sheriff leading the police and he will also scatter it among the other cards. The three bundles will then be reassembled together and cut by both spectators, who will also indicate the few trustworthy men the police could use for capture.

At that point, the magician, in the guise of the sheriff and always holding face down the bundle, will promise to succeed in identifying the two gang leaders by reviewing all the suspects only three times. He will then scroll through the cards one by one and, through a series of successive eliminations, at the end he will find himself with only two more cards in his hands… Asking for the first time to say aloud the names of the cards chosen to represent Bonnie and Clyde, he will make them both turn their faces to receive well-deserved applause.

1st edition 2024, PDF 4 pages.