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Card Mentalism
by Dibya Guha


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Card Mentalism by Dibya Guha

Card Mentalism is a collection of simple but effective mentalism effects with cards. These effects have been field tested and require no complicated moves to execute leaving you, the performer, to concentrate solely on your presentation.

The effects included in this PDF are:

ANIMAL PREDICTION: A cute mentalism effect involving cards bearing animal pictures on them. Although the cards are mixed by the spectator both he and the mind reader end up on the identical animal card as if by coincidence.

ESTIMATION: A deck of playing cards is introduced and shuffled. A spectator is instructed to cut a small number of cards, say approximately 20 cards from the top and place the cut off pile face down on the table. The remaining of the deck is shuffled. The performer claims that the top card of the deck is now the mate of the card which the spectator has cut to. However, when this card and also the card which the spectator has cut to are tallied they are found to be a mismatch. The performer places his card face down on the table and dramatically snaps upon it. When the card is again turned face up, lo behold! It is found to be the exact mate of the card which the spectator had cut to. Now the card which the spectator has cut to is reversed and on its back is found written "YOU WILL CUT TO THIS CARD".

YOUR CARD: The performer shows a business card on one side of which is written "YOUR CARD". He states that the other side of this card contains a prediction. Stating so he places the prediction side facing down on the table i.e. the side bearing "YOUR CARD" facing up. Next the performer introduces a red backed deck of cards. He takes out the cards from the deck showing that all the backs of these cards are red and the faces are all different. Now the performer lets the spectator select one card. The other cards are kept face up on the table. The performer now hands over the business card containing the prediction to the spectator and upon turning it is found that the prediction is accurate. The mentalist now takes the pile of discarded cards and upon spreading them in a face down manner it is seen that all the other cards contain the writing "NOT YOUR CARD" on the back.

THE CLOCK TELLS: 4 cards bearing clock faces minus hour and minute hands are clearly shown and placed face down on the table. A die is rolled by a spectator and the number of top spots on the die is noted. Let us assume that the top of the rolled die shows number 3. The cards are now turned face up. Amazingly, the hour and minute hands of the clocks have appeared and are now pointing at 3 o'clock.

1st edition 2021, 11 pages.
word count: 2493 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text