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Card Problems
by Arthur Buckley

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Card Problems by Arthur Buckley

Arthur Buckley started to release his card problems in 1924 when two booklets with five problems each were released. Buckley also released individual problems in their own manuscript, together with explanations of moves. Later Dariel Fitzkee reprinted 12 problems in The Card Expert Entertains. And finally in 1930 Dariel Fitzkee published this series of 30 card problems including all the problems published earlier.

These are all wonderful sleight-of-hand effects with cards.

Mr. Buckley's own sleights are explained in three previous publications, The Triple Climax, The Burglar, and With A Pack Of Cards And Four Pockets.

1st edition 1930; 58 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Table Of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. A New Thirty Card Mystery
  4. Spell It
  5. Transposition Extraordinary
  6. Separation
  7. Card And Envelope
  8. Card And Cigarette
  9. Indetecto
  10. Cards Mystero
  11. Sympathy In Choice
  12. Card Under Foot
  13. A Pack Of Cards And Four Pockets
  14. My Sympathetic Cards
  15. Four Aces
  16. Card Under Hat
  17. A Card From Ten
  18. Is The Card You Thought Of There
  19. Slap Cards
  20. Your Card At Any Number
  21. Twenty Cards In Transit
  22. Red Or Black
  23. A Triple Climax
  24. Twelve Cards To Pocket
  25. The Burglar
  26. Psychic Photography
  27. X Ray
  28. Stabbing Between Chosen Cards
  29. Stabbing Ten Chosen Cards While Blindfolded
  30. From Out Of Pocket
  31. The Mystic Paper Slips
  32. System

word count: 18448 which is equivalent to 73 standard pages of text