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Card School
by Peter Duffie


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Card School by Peter Duffie

1st edition, 1995.

ILLUSION Versus REALITY: This is a direct and magical production of the four Aces, with two of the Aces seemingly appearing in the hands of a spectator.

THREESIGHT: A simple, but effective, prediction using the Gilbreath Principle.

IN PLACE: This simple trick is an ideal one to perform for anyone at a moment's notice. It uses what is often referred to as the Automatic Placement.

CENTRAL RESERVATIONS: This is essentially a small packet version of Paul Curry's "Power of Thought," and a possible miracle single card prediction.

TRANS-VERSE CARDS: In an attempt to cause two cards to transpose in the deck, not only do they transpose, but they magically turn face up as well.

BACKFIRE POKER: This is a variation of Jim Steinmeyer's 'The Ten Boys Poker Deal' which appeared in the December issue of Magic. There is some added entertainment value, and a twist at the end.

CATALYSTIC COLLECTORS: The following rendition of Roy Walton's "The Collectors" is fairly true to the original effect in that only three kings are used to collect two selections.

THE FUTURE PACKET: The following effective prediction was inspired by Roy Walton's "Palmist's Prophesy" from The Complete Walton, Volume 2.

BRIDGE CLUB: Some time ago I set myself certain conditions for a proposed bridge demonstration where all thirteen of one suit is dealt to one hand.

THE MINDREADER'S VISION: Here is a method for the Hummer 'Mindreader's Dream' but without a complex stack or any static key cards. The cards are however preset, but the arrangement is a simple one.

STACKING FOR REAL: This is a simplification of Peter Kane's "Acestack" which appeared in his booklet A Further Card Session. It is not intended as an improvement but it is less intense (for me) in appearance. Instead of one shuffle, two shuffles are used. The description will stack four Aces to fall to the dealer in a five handed deal.

THE OLDE WALTONIAN TRANSPOSITION: The following is based on an effect of Roy Walton's which appeared in Stan Allen's Magic. Here the effect has been altered to a straight transposition.

On THE LEVEL: You show five Alphabet (Lexicon) cards which obviously spell the word LE-V-E-L. The cards are dealt face down on the table in a straight line, this represents the word "level" as the cards are level. You now push the cards into a diagonal sloping line, so they are no longer LEVEL. On turning the cards over, they now spell S-L-O-P-E!

FAROSATION: In effect, the four Aces are buried at four different positions in the pack. After two shuffles you spell the name of the leader: T-H-E A-C-E O-F C-L-U-B-S forming four piles. The top card of each pile proves to be an Ace. Two perfect Faros do all the work.

COLOUR FOOL: A simple red black alternating stack can be a very potent weapon. The following multiple card location is an example of how this simple set-up can be used to good effect.

RANGE ROVER: This is a simple elaboration of Roy Walton's "School Daze" that appeared in Profile magazine. The underlying principle was based on a Henry Christ concept.

SPINNING YARNS: A coincidence and a discovery using Alex Elmsley's "Penelope's Principle."
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