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Secrets of Gambling
by Hugh Miller


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Secrets of Gambling by Hugh Miller

This is a great book on the secrets of how to cheat with cards and dice at many popular games - a guide to dishonest gambling. It offers a good overview of the various methods from mechanical cheating methods to sleight of hand.

1st edition 1970, original 128 pages; PDF 82 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Cheating at cards
  3. Mechanical Methods: marking cards, sorts, deck switches, edge marking, daub, punch/nail marks
  4. Strippers: types of strippers, Vernon's "Bathroom Strippers"
  5. Locaters: short, corner shorts, thick cards, long cards, ridge/breather crimps
  6. Holdouts: Kepplinger type, bug, card index, magnetic cards, ring holdouts
  7. Shiners
  8. Confederates: signals, hand signals, other body signals, electronic communication
  9. Card Handling
  10. Palming: 3 top palms, gamblers flat palm, 3 bottom palms
  11. False Shuffling: strip-out riffle shuffle, gamblers false shuffle, to retain a top stock, faro
  12. False Cutting: a false cut, slip cut, Vernons "The Cold Deck Cut"
  13. Crooked Dealing: seconds, bottoms
  14. Miscellaneous Swindles: double lift peek, restoring a cut, top change, locaters, confederates
  15. The Greatest Swindles
  16. Dice: loads, caps, shaved dice, beveled dice, mis-spotted dice, magnets
  17. Detecting Fake Dice
  18. Crooked Dice Handling: 3 controls, blanket roll, switching
  19. Find the Lady (three card Monte)
  20. The Three Shell game
  21. The Endless Belt (this is the chain loop swindle)
  22. Elusive Aces: a brief discussion of mis-indexed gaff cards, for use in the three card Monte or other card-based scams
  23. Roulette
  24. Safe Bets: several mathematical and proposition type wagers
  25. The Odds
  26. Dice (odds)
  27. Bingo (odds)
  28. Blackjack (odds)
  29. Poker (odds)
  30. Postscript

word count: 23254 which is equivalent to 93 standard pages of text


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