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Card Tricks You Will Do
by Rufus Steele


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Card Tricks You Will Do by Rufus Steele

This is a collection of self-working and very easy card effects. Rufus Steele has released several other publications along this line. Check them out.

Excerpt from the foreword:

Tricks with a pack of cards afford one of the easiest and most interesting forms of entertainment in existence. They are amazing and mysterious to those who witness them, yet they are within the ability of everyone.

The idea that long practice and exceptional skill are necessary in the performance of card tricks is erroneous. Some of the cleverest and most bewildering tricks are made possible by the use of subtle principles and unique methods that are easily learned, yet which are capable of deceiving the keenest and most intelligent spectator.

Such are the methods explained in this booklet. These tricks have been devised by experienced performers of card tricks - men who understand the psychology of deception and who know that a clever, well-developed principle can be used to create an amazing mystery.

Each trick depends upon a special system, simplified to make it effective in actual practice. The instructions are clear and easily understood. By following them carefully and performing each trick in a convincing manner, the reader can quickly gain an enviable reputation as a master of card magic.

  • Foreword
  • Your Opening
  • Knockout Counting Trick
  • Satan's Message
  • The Clock Trick
  • The Card in the Pocket
  • Good Simple Card Trick
  • Dual Detection
  • Two Souls With But a Single Thought
  • Mental Telepathy
  • Pretty Effect
  • Discovered Number
  • The Guesser
  • Counting Trick
  • The Wizard Spelling Master
  • A Prediction
  • Clock Trick No. 2
  • The Whispering Joker
  • Sympathetic Sympathy
  • The Master Card Location
  • Max Holden's Master Card
  • Sympathetic Connection
  • Jack - Jack - Jack
  • Stop Trick
  • Coincidence
  • Mind Reading by Telephone
  • Bowman's System for Mind Reading by Telephone
  • Three Mystic Numbers
  • The Circle of Cards
  • The One-Eyed King
  • Mind Reading
  • Mathematical Trick

1st edition 1928, 28 pages; PDF 34 pages.
word count: 15104 which is equivalent to 60 standard pages of text