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Unknown Slydini
by D. Angelo Ferri

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Unknown Slydini by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini's major routines take a lot of time to learn. But Slydini wanted his students to be able to go out and perform magic sooner to work on the performance and presentational aspects of their magic. To enable this he would teach his students from time to time smaller tricks which one could learn quicker but which often still incorporated one or the other of his fundamental principles of magic. This is a collection of these smaller tricks Slydini taught Dennis. They are a great gateway into the magic of Slydini because they do not require large commitments of time and effort to be mastered, yet they will allow you to tap into the power of Slydini's magic.

All the tricks use common and regular items such as napkins, ribbons, drinking glasses, safety pins, regular playing cards, etc. With the exception of a thumb tip, you will not need any special magic props.

  • The Torn and Restored Paper Napkin
  • The Center Tear, with the presentation and handling Slydini taught me.
  • Cards:
    • Mongolian Card Clock
    • Card Switch
    • 3 Card Ambitious Card
    • Matching Cards
    • Card Vanish
    • Slydini False Cut
    • Oil and Water
  • Glass Through the Table
  • Linking Pins
  • Silk in the Apple, Silk in Pony Glass
  • Cut and Restored Ribbon
  • Color Changing Silk
  • Sweet Salt

1st edition 2023, video 52:55.