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Case 21: cards through case
by Ben Howard

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Case 21: cards through case by Ben Howard


This is not a card trick, it's a trick with cards.

The spectator freely selects, signs and returns the card from a shuffled deck. The illusionist explains that card tricks have become too complicated, and he wants to keep it simple and use just the selected card. The magician picks up the card case, still holding the deck, and shows the card case at all sides and completely empty.

The magician then places the deck square on the face of the card case. The front of the card case can be clearly seen as the cards are being placed. The card case with the deck on top is placed on the spectators hand or on the table. As the Illusionist hold the sides of the deck, the deck of cards slowly MELTS through the face of the card case in full view. This can be viewed from ALL sides and angles in confidence. As soon as the deck is fully inside the case, there is one card resting on top of the case, the selected card.

The deck is then removed from the case and the deck can be examined by the audience. The case is gimmicked, but it can be displayed and shown. You can't hand it out.

  • easy to perform
  • angle proof
  • happens in the spectators hands
  • very visual

1st edition 2013, 13 pages.

word count: 1966 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

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