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Cheating at Blackjack: and advantage play
by Dustin Marks

#3 Magic & Conjuring author
#3 Cards author
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Cheating at Blackjack: and advantage play by Dustin Marks

"Must reading for all card magicians!" - Allan Ackerman

"Outstanding!" - Darwin Ortiz

"This book should be on your shelf alongside The Expert at the Card Table, The Man Who Was Erdnase, The Annotated Erdnase, and Loaded Dice." - William P. Miesel

His name is not "Marks," but when you buy this ebook you will learn why he had to write under an alias. The ebook covers advantage play, cheating, and the moves that get the money.

"Exceptional. Controversial. Highly recommended." - Michael Dalton / Blackjack Review

"WOW! The real world of cheating and the plays that get the money." - Bob Snyder / Gaming Consultants

  • Introduction
  • My Credentials
  • Casino Organization
    • Casino Organization
    • Gambling Explosion
  • Blackjack
    • How To Play
    • Insurance
    • Doubling Down, Splitting, Surrendering
    • Basic Strategy
    • Complete Basic Strategy
  • The Mind of a Cheater
    • Decisions
    • Sweat Joints
    • Pit Control
    • The Big Player
    • Signals
    • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • Grift Sense
  • The Casino's Point of View
    • Dealers
    • Floormen
    • Surveillance
  • Gaming Control
  • Griffin
  • Advantage Play
    • Card Counting
    • Hole Card Play
    • Basing
    • Front Loading
    • The Cut
    • Oh, Excuse Me...
  • Stacking
    • Definitions
    • The Lay Stack
    • Shuffle Techniques
    • Getting Past The Cut
    • Advanced Shuffle Techniques
    • Heads Up
  • The Cooler
    • Old Fashioned
    • The Switcher
    • The Dealer
    • The Shills
    • The BP
    • Turners
    • The Details
    • Computer Coolers
  • Switching Cards in Play
    • Handmucking
    • Two-Player Switches
  • Gambling Across America
  • What is Legal?
  • Other Casino Games
    • Craps
    • Combinations of Dice
    • Roulette
    • Baccarat
    • Slots
    • Keno
    • Poker
    • Sports Betting, and Horse Racing
    • The Bullseye
  • Conclusions
  • Glossary
  • Resources
    • Books
    • Videos
    • Periodicals
    • Special Source

"I cannot imagine any serious blackjack player not finding this book fascinating ... I expect this book to become required reading for game protection personnel. The author reveals more about casino scams than any other modern book on this subject. Getting the crook's eye view is part of what makes this book ring true ... This is a how-to guide to cheating the casinos. Dangerous stuff ... Get this one. You won't be disappointed." - Arnold Snyder / Publisher and Editor - Blackjack Forum

"Should be read by players, especially beginners, wondering how sharpies take advantage of sloppy dealers, complacent security, and surveillance personnel. This 'insider' book explains how cheaters operate to beat the House through sophisticated moves and manipulation of the rules. The author, who still uses 'crossroader' techniques, including deception, cons, card switching, past posting, use of teams, etc., unveils his own new world of deviousness. Must reading for the gambler, dealer, and anyone in charge of security at any gambling enstablishment ... Inside stuff rarely seen in print." - Howard Schwartz / Research Director, Gambler's Book Club

1st edition 1994, 230 pages; digital edition 2023, PDF 159 pages.
word count: 64350 which is equivalent to 257 standard pages of text

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