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Cheating at Blackjack Squared
by Dustin Marks

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Cheating at Blackjack Squared by Dustin Marks

The dark side of gambling.

"Loaded with rare, inside information." - Darwin Ortiz

"Absolutely fascinating and enlightening! Ingenious methods that boggle the mind." - Daryl

"Inside techniques exposed for the first time in print." - George Joseph / Director of Surveillance, Bally Entertainment Co.

It may be shocking and it's certainly dangerous. Nevertheless, this unique ebook represents the definitive resource on how professional con men cheat at Blackjack and other card games. The author, a former high-stakes cheater, explains an amazing array of specific moves with clear, understandable text and detailed, easy-to-understand illustrations.

Covers switching cards in play, stacking the deck, adding to the bet after seeing the cards, stealing chips, mucking, tells, counting tips, how to use disguises, and - for the first time ever - the use of computers, hacking techniques, and sophisticated electronic devices to get the money. Obtain a once in a lifetime view inside the hidden, dark world of cheating where the stakes are high (and not only in terms of money), the most innocuous gesture becomes a signal, and the playing cards are tools of deception.

Cheating at Blackjack Squared is the even more explicit sequel to the author's first book, Cheating at Blackjack: and advantage play.

"If this book isn't in the hands of dealers, pitbosses, and security people everywhere, they're going to lose money ..." - Gambler's Book Club

"Mark's new book, Cheating at Blackjack Squared, covers all the devious angles on fleecing the casinos he missed in his first book on this topic. As no one has ever written about these cheater's secrets before, it's another instant classic - a must-have book for all serious blackjack players and researchers. It's absolutely fascinating reading!" - Arnold Snyder

  • Introduction
  • Getting Cards Out Of Play
    • Double Down
    • Double Down Accomplice
    • Top Palm
    • One Hand Top Card Palm
    • Squeeze Palm
    • Third Finger Steal
    • Holding Out While Busting
    • The False Claim
    • Switch In Ordinary Card
    • Splitting Cards
    • Progressive Jackpot Games
    • Caribbean Stud Big Player
  • Returning Cards Into Play
    • The Insurance Play
    • Refusing To Cut
    • Accusing The Dealer
    • Helpful Dealers
  • Mucking
    • Mechanics Of Mucking
    • Over The Top
    • Sliding
    • Two-Handed Mucks
    • One-Handed Mucks
    • Two Handed—Both Hands
    • Two Handed—In Front
    • Two-Handed—In The Back (Dealer's Perspective)
    • Two-Handed Muck Using Pivot Palm (Mucker's Perspective)
    • Two-Handed Mucks—Both Hands—In Front (Mucker's Perspective)
    • One-Handed Muck—Slide Method (Mucker's Perspective)
    • One-Handed—Pivot Palm—Slide (Mucker's Perspective)
    • Mother/Son Idea
  • Adding To The Bet
    • Sliding A Chip Under The Cards And Bet
    • Chip Source
    • Drink Move
    • Coloring Up
    • Doubling Down
    • Spreading of The Cards
  • Miscellaneous Moves
    • Peeking
    • The Bubble Peek
    • The Turn Over Peek
    • Watches
    • The Turn Over Switch
    • Hole Carding Out Of The Shoe
    • New Card In Shoe Game
    • Push and Pay
    • The Flash Technique
    • First Base Flash
    • The Steer Game
    • Steer Game Summary
  • More Stacking
    • Relative Play
    • Shuffle-Less Stack
    • Double Down From A New Deck
    • Beating The Cut
    • Heads Up Two Hands
    • Adding A Burn Card
  • Outside Plays
    • Two Card Drop
    • The BP
    • The Cutter
    • The Reader
    • Warp Cut
    • Bending Method
    • Breathing Move
  • Thoughts On Counting
    • It Is Never Too Late
    • Card Counting Warning
    • Shuffle Tracking
    • Dealer Distractions
  • Disguises
    • Changing Shape Instead Of Covering Up
    • The Nose
    • The Teeth
    • Hair Coloring
    • Aging
    • Mannerisms
  • Cheating Tells
    • Surveillance
    • Tells
    • Self-Proclaimed Experts
  • Stories From The Road
    • The Sniff
    • Red Can't Watch The Game
    • The Deuce
    • Old Joe
    • I Can't Shuffle
  • High Tech Cheating
    • Van Ecking And Pseudo-Number Generators
    • Herf Guns And Other Fun Things
  • Do The Casinos Cheat?
    • Seven Mistakes The Casinos Make
    • Resident Expert
    • Main Beneficiaries Are The Casinos
    • Money We Took
  • Information
    • Government Control
    • Area 51
    • Government and Information
  • What Is Important?
  • The Future Of Gambling
    • Old Way Versus New Way
  • Conclusion
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
    • Recommended Reading
    • Periodicals
    • Special Sources
    • Videos

1st edition 1996, 201 pages; 1st digital edition 2023, PDF 146 pages.
word count: 53499 which is equivalent to 213 standard pages of text

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