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Clairvoyant Joker

by Scott F. Guinn
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Clairvoyant Joker by Scott F. Guinn

Scott has been using this diabolically simple routine for over twenty years. How can something so easy play so strongly?

Effect: You deal five cards to the table. A spectator mentally chooses a number from one to five. You turn your back, and he looks at the card that fell at his number, then replaces it. The cards are gathered and shuffled and placed in your shirt pocket. After a few moments of focused concentration, you remove the cards one at a time. Finally, you reveal the card that the spectator merely thought of, proving you also knew his number! But you're not done yet... The rest of the cards are turned over--they are all jokers, proving you not only knew what number he would think of, but you knew it before you even asked him to think of one!

This routine has appeared with a brief description in a couple of Scott's other books, including Guinn Gone Mental. However, in this manuscript it is fully fleshed out in much greater detail, and three different versions are included.

There are NO SLEIGHTS required--just a devious old subtlety applied in a sneaky way. Unbelievably easy to do, but it absolutely blows them away!

"I like this effect a lot mate! Thanks very much!" - Luke Shield

"Yup, I liked this one when reviewing one of your books (Guinn Gone Mental) -- and still do. Though I don't do card tricks I'll do this one! I plan to carry four jokers in each of red and blue backs for popular decks. Then I can borrow a deck and without touching it, have a spectator select five cards, and off we go." - Ken Muller

1st edition 2009; 27 pages.
word count: 3728 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

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