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Guinn Gone Mental
by Scott F. Guinn

#2 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Guinn Gone Mental by Scott F. Guinn

In this, his sixteenth magic ebook, popular author Scott F. Guinn shares a baker's dozen of his favorite mind magic effects. Clairvoyance, predictions, intuition, second sight, and other plots await you within this work.

Nine of the effects were published in Scott's previous (now out of print) ebooks, but these have been updated and expanded:

  • CLAIRVOYANT JOKER: The mentally selected card is the only non-Joker
  • BLIND-SIGHTED: Divine a mentally selected number & card
  • A STRONG IMPRESSION: You predict the card a spectator will name (no force)
  • FOR REAL PREDICTION: A strong and easy take on a Vernon classic
  • EVEN ODDS AT 3 TO 1: Scott's improvement of a Frank Garcia effect
  • TWO FOR FREE: A two-person prediction/coincidence effect
  • ALARM CLOCK: A multi-phase, multi-climax prediction
  • 51 SOUTHERN FACES: A "back-wards" take on Curry's Open Prediction
  • THE CARD OR THE CASH VISUAL MATCHUP: A powerhouse stand-up routine
In addition, four previously unpublished routines are included here:
  • TURN YOUR BACK ON THE WORLD: A different "Out of this World"
  • BIZ'WAVE: Mental magic with your business cards
  • YOUR ELBOW, MY EYE: Your participant will be convinced you read his mind
  • (K)NOT MIND READING: You always know which colored rope will be chosen
64 pages, written in Scott's clear, friendly, conversational style, with 63 accompanying photographs.

Level: Easy-Intermediate

I just read Scott Guinn's ebook, Guinn Gone Mental. First things first. I'm more in the hardcore mentalism camp so did find this a bit card heavy and mental magic laden. But....don't let that stop you from giving this a read, even if you are "all mentalism, all the time." Scott keeps apologizing for effects that might be thought too transparent or too difficult and I'm reading them saying "shh. this is great, just get to the next part." Mentalists, if for nothing else, you want to read this for Scott's brilliant idea with Out of this World. This is unique so far as I can tell and I'm certain there are other applications, including without playing cards, that can take advantage of the principles Scott shares. I'm really taken with this at the moment. There is also an effect with colored ropes (I know that sounds a bit magicky on the surface but I also know I have friends who will make this play strong, even scary) that will add color and something visual to your show. It is easy, full of opportunities for entertainment and effective. Perhaps most importantly, Scott knows how to put together a routine. Two of my favorite books as a mentalist are Strong Magic and Tommy Wonder's trilogy. Their thinking transcends any so-called boundaries between magic and mentalism when it comes to teaching how to structure and present powerful effects. And this is what Scott also accomplishes in briefer form in his wonderful Guinn Gone Mental. - Dr. Bill Cushman

"Guinn Gone Mental" is another winner. There are some fantastic routines in this E-Book. I LOVE "Turn Your Back on the World"! Talk about a BANG ending! I highly recommend you pick this book up. You will definitely find some effects to add to your working set. - Hank Morfin

I received Scott's latest eBook (Guinn Gone Mental) and have been playing around with a couple of the routines. Stand outs for me are: "Turn your Back on the World" (who does not like another OOTW routine), "For Real Prediction" (will go straight into my repertoire!), and "Biz'Wave" (a great and easy way to get your business card into the spectators' hands). Scott has a knack of simplifying routines; everything in the book is within almost everyone's ability. I can't recommend it any more highly! - Jeff Pierce

Scott has put together a book of effects that all have a mentalism take to them and they all play well. Most are easy to set up and easy to master. There are two stand-out effects in the book: Scott's take on the very popular clock/card effect and a real winner called "The Card or the Cash Visual Match Up". This effect is the type one has to say is worth the price of the book. It's a full routine that will work your crowd and has multiple revelations and moments. (Luckily it is one that takes the most preparation and props to accomplish so those that put in the time will have a unique winner that most will skip by.) I'm sure there's something that will appeal to everyone in Scott's book. Nice touches and nice ideas. - Greg Arce

1st edition 2009; 64 pages.
word count: 19390 which is equivalent to 77 standard pages of text