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Close Up Journey 3
by Paul A. Lelekis


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Close Up Journey 3 by Paul A. Lelekis

Professional magician, Paul A. Lelekis, presents this third ebook of his trilogy, Close Up Journey III, The Final Adventure. This completes Paul's trilogy of ebooks (Close Up Journey I and II) designed for the close-up performer.

Close Up Journey III provides workers with eight more excellent effects from Paul's working repertoire – all time-tested routines. Complete your Close-up Journey with this excellent ebook!

Color photos of Paul's hands explain the necessary sleights.

The Introduction – ODDS & ENDS gives workers still more excellent ideas for performing, patter and close-up concepts to make your performances professional!

Effects included are:

I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENS… – A very funny opening effect to magically produce the four Aces with some really crazy patter!

TWISTING THE JACKS – This is a full-scale routine which adds some wonderful ideas by Paul along with Dai Vernon and Larry Jennings' routines to bring your spectators on a "roller-coaster ride" of magical entertainment. This one is great!

EWWW…BOOGERS! – If you want a routine that will make EVERYONE completely FREAK OUT – then look no further. This "accidental discovery" by Paul will encourage everyone to "break out" that invisible thread with a "NO FEAR" routine. The patter included is absolutely hilarious!

ORAL PRODUCTION – You want an "impossible" impromptu quickie to dazzle your spectators? Look no further. You will be talked about (in a good way!) for a long time. Wait until you see the look on the spectators' faces!

YOUR LUCKY CARD – Paul's rendition of a wonderful effect by David Corsaro that is interactive, very funny and quite magical. It is also very easy to do. A beautiful effect.

SALT SHAKER CLASSIC – A classic of magic. Paul has added another dimension to this wonderful routine that makes this amazing effect, easy to do. A real worker.

GESTALT – This beautiful routine by Paul includes and explains a very clever ploy that he has kept secret for many, many years. Your spectators will be dumb-founded! This same ploy can be used by any magician in many of his/her own routines to bring his/her magic to the next level!

BONUS…Below, Paul has provided a little-known, brilliant mathematical card effect, created and used often by Dr. Jacob Daley and a favorite of John Scarne.

THE MATHEMATICAL CARD TRICK – Doc Daley created a fiendishly clever card effect with this easy-to-do trick! You won't believe how deceptive this one is!

1st edition 2013, 27 pages.
word count: 9985 which is equivalent to 39 standard pages of text