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Coin Magic (Barlotta)
by D. Angelo Ferri


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Coin Magic (Barlotta) by D. Angelo Ferri

Barlotta's Coin Magic manuscript features his variation of Slydini's "Four Coins through the Table". He has eliminated the 'mid air Hang Ping Chen' movement and replaced it with a Slydini variation he sometimes employed. Dennis' objective was to give magicians interested in doing Slydini's "Four Coins" a method that is easier to do and is still completely constructed of Slydini technique. This manuscript also includes Slydini's "Vanishing Stack of coins", which he sometimes performed at the end of his coin routine, and Barlotta's "Six Coins under the Shaker Club", the idea for which he got while studying Derrick Dingle's "International Coin Trick".

The manuscript includes three instructional video clips, instructional photographs and a comic strip. In case you have already some of the other Barlotta ebooks, the contents of this ebook is not covered in any of his other ebooks.

1st edition 2004; 22 pages. 3 video clips
word count: 6829 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text