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Don Alan Tribute by D. Angelo Ferri

Dennis Barlotta's Tribute to Don Alan includes a re-working of three routines; The Chop Cup, The Benson Bowl, and 'Bag Stabbed' a card stab.

Dennis writes:

I am a very big Don Alan fan. This manuscript represents my investigation into applying Slydini's principles to these great Don Alan presentations. My Chop Cup routine follows the Don Alan Routine in terms of sequence of events but I accomplish those events using Slydini's system of movement, his Revolve Vanish, and his Timing Patterns. The timing patterns are what accomplish the two final loads of the Chop Cup.

In the Benson Bowl, Don Alan used the Retention Vanish to great effect. He created a wonderful sequence of events that was a joy to watch. I wanted to load the bowl differently, vanish the sponge balls in a Slydini manner, and show my hands to be empty whenever possible. Once again while I have replaced the mechanics, I have not changed the sequence of events.

Don Alan did very entertaining card magic. In his act he introduced a mini deck and changed it to a regular deck of cards, from there he went into a routine using a jumbo card (Big Deal). His 'Bagged Stabbed' routine came at a different point in his act and it was wonderful. I wanted to have the spectator shuffle the mini deck prior to it's transformation into a regular deck so created a deck switch which works very well. Once the deck has 'grown' into a regular size deck, I go into the Bag Stabbed Routine. I have changed the patter and presentation to suit me but the mechanics are based on Don Alan's methods. I would recommend this manuscript to those close-up magicians that employ classic close-up magic techniques and while they are interested in Slydini concepts do not want to make a complete change in their mechanics.

This 31 page manuscript includes three instructional video clips, which are attached inside the PDF, and many instructional photographs.

1st edition 2005; 31 pages; 3 video clips.
word count: 8088 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text