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The Color Change: the arcane art of transfiguration with playing cards
by Crispin Sartwell


(1 review, 5 customer ratings) ★★★★

The Color Change: the arcane art of transfiguration with playing cards by Crispin Sartwell

"This is the best compilation of Color Changes to date. I know this because I've been collecting color changes for the last ten years myself. I applaud his research and thoroughness. It is well organized and coherent." - Jon Racherbaumer

"Crispin Sartwell has produced a well-written treatment of color changes that is the first of its kind. An important contribution to the art of magic and a must-have resource for every card handler." - Jerry Cestkowski (The Flourishman)

"As a professional magician for 36 years, I have been constantly told that my simply done but highly effective color change done at the outset of the one stage card routine I do is perhaps 'the best thing I do.' Robert-Houdin wrote in the 1800's that 'the observer likes nothing more than to see the cards neatly changed from one to another' and I can confirm this maxim as absolutely true. It is easy to do, looks like REAL magic, and is highly visual. To me, this is the crux of the magician's art. This is a great book to understand this most important gem in the conjuror's arsenal. Well done. Well produced and well written." - Ben Robinson

Jon said it best, there is nothing like it that has been published before. It is an intelligent and thoughtful compilation of color changes published with more than 300 clear color photos including a bibliography and an alphabetical list of more than 80 moves for easy lookup. No matter if you are a beginner in sleight-of-hand or an advanced master, you will find beautiful color changes to add to your repertoire. Crispin Sartwell introduces a convenient categorization and ranks each color change in terms of beauty and difficulty on a scale of 1-10.

What exactly is a color change? Here from Crispin's introduction:

The primary use of the term "color change" in the literature is to pick out an apparently instantaneous and visible transformation, whereas a switch involves a delay between a display of the initial card and the display of the card that is switched in....A color change is a switch in which the cards are noted by the spectator before and after the switch, and that is intended to convey an effect of instantaneous visible transformation. A color change is an act in which a card is, in appearance, transformed in a twinkling into another card.

This book is not an exhaustive encyclopedia of the change, but it is the most complete and most authoritative such effort to-date. A color change can be performed stand alone as ice-breaker, quicky, attention getter, or opening effect. It can also be strung into an entire routine by itself. Crispin provides two such routines at the end of his book. A color change does not require patter - is visible magic at its best.

1st edition 2011; 168 color pages

Table of Contents

    I. Introduction
  1. Definition
  2. Ramifications
  3. Ratings
  4. History
  5. Nomenclature
  6. Quotations

    II. Last Things First: Plants

  7. (a) Leipzig Slap Plant
  8. (b) Drops
  9. (c) Wipes
  10. (d) Under My Thumb
  11. (e) Dip Plants
  12. (f) Hinge Plants
  13. (g) Open-Fingered Plants
  14. (h) Roll-Down Plant

    III: Classical Changes

  15. 1. Side-Slip Changes
  16. (a) Basic side slip change
  17. (b) Marlo Clip Slip
  18. (c) Tabled Marlo Clip Change
  19. (d) Vernon No-Palm Change
  20. (e) Softy Steal
  21. (f) Second Slip
  22. (g) Rear-Palm Steal and Plant
  23. (h) De La Torre Pin
  24. (i) Cummings Steal
  25. (k) Side Slip to Tenkai Palm

  26. 2. Quick Tricks With the Side Steal Change
  27. (a) Leipzig Hand-Off
  28. (b) Picking Off the Pip

  29. 3. Thumb-Clip Steals
  30. (a) Basic Thumb-Clip Steal
  31. (b) E.V. Steal
  32. (c) Altmann Steal

  33. 4. Slide Changes
  34. (a) Basic Slide Transposition (Houdini or Erdnase Change)
  35. (b) Marnase Change
  36. (c) Convincing Marnase Change

  37. 5. Hinge Plant Changes
  38. (a) Window Change
  39. (b) Slip Slap
  40. (c) Book Change
  41. (d) Fan Change

  42. 6. Roll-up Steals
  43. (a) Roll-Up Clip
  44. (b) Cardini Flick Change
  45. (c) Hugard Roll-Up Palm

  46. 7. Other Classical or Quasi-Classical Changes
  47. (a) Flip Palm Steal
  48. (b) Longitudinal Steal
  49. (c) Erdnase 6th Sense Steal
  50. (d) One-Hand Palm Steal
  51. (e) Back-Palm Change

    IV. Non-Classical Changes

  52. 1. Pass Changes
  53. (a) Basic Classic Pass Change
  54. (b) Riffle Pass Change
  55. (c) Basic Herrmann Change
  56. (d) Turn-over Pass Change

  57. 2. Removals
  58. (a) Andrus Change
  59. (b) Ego Change
  60. (c) Cottone Change
  61. (d) Fan Subtraction
  62. (e) Jay Change
  63. (f) Cardini Flick Change (no-roll version)
  64. (g) Tenkai Table Change
  65. (h) In Your Face Change

  66. 3. Top Change Color Changes
  67. (a) Fadeaway Change
  68. (b) T-Formation Change

  69. 4. One Hand Clapping
  70. (a) Charlier Change
  71. (b) Erdnase Pop
  72. (c) One-Hand One-Hand Palm Change

  73. 5. Double-Card Changes
  74. (a) Basic Palm Switch
  75. (b) Paintbrush Change
  76. (c) Snap Change
  77. (d) Dribble Change
  78. (e) Boston-Lorayne Fan Change
  79. (f) Bertram Revolutionary Change
  80. (g) Basic Tenkai Change
  81. (h) Flutter Change
  82. (i) TeBe Change
  83. (j) Bertram Unusual Change
  84. (k) Pivot Change
  85. (l) Twirl Change
  86. (m) Le Paul Change
  87. (o) Table Pin
  88. (p) Mechanical Change
  89. (q) Tunnel Change
  90. (s) Eidetic Change
  91. (t) Push-in Change

  92. 6. False Deal Changes
  93. (a) One-Hand Bottom-Deal Change
  94. (b) Noblezada Second Deal Change

  95. 7. Back-to-Back Changes
  96. (a) Hatton Change
  97. (b) Eclipse Change
  98. (c) Hummer's Visual Change
  99. (d) Flip-Flop Change
  100. (e) Rollover Change
  101. (f) Strange Change
  102. (g) Spring Change
  103. (h) Duck Change
  104. (i) Shapeshifter

    V. Multiple Changes

  105. (a) Tarbell Double Change
  106. (b) Merlin Double Change
  107. (c) Face-to-Face Change
  108. (d) Slide Change Sequence
  109. (e) Turnover Change Sequence
  110. (f) Hamman Flash Poker Double Change
  111. (g) Kenner Double Change
  112. (h) Al Altmann's Double Change
  113. (i) Double Erdnase Pop

    VI. Routines

  114. (a) Thirteen-Change Routine
  115. (b) Great Published Routines

  116. Bibliography
  117. Books
  118. Video
  119. Alphabetical List of Moves and References

word count: 32177 which is equivalent to 128 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Chet Cox (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 11 August, 2011

This is to color changes (a misnomer) as the Big Book of Rising Cards is to the Rising Card theme. There is simply no better book or video, and the scope of the book is fantastic.


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