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Conjuring Up To Date
by Hercat

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Conjuring Up To Date by Hercat

From the preface:

Card Tricks and Conjuring Up to Date, by reason of recent additions, having become too large for one volume, I have decided to divide it into two, and now present Conjuring Up to Date by itself, in which I give a description of the very latest tricks, thus making it realize its title of "up to date."

In the other volume, Card Tricks With and Without Apparatus, will be found the most recent additions which have been made to escamotage des cartes. When both these volumes have been digested, students in legerdemain are advised to make a study of the more advanced conjuring to be found in my new book Latest Sleights and Illusions.

  • Preface To New Edition
  • Introductory
  • A Few Hints
  • A Conjuring Table
  • A Chair "Servante"
  • A Vest "Servante"
  • Tricks With Coins
    • Palming
    • The Aerial Treasury
    • The Latest Money-Catching Wand
    • A Coin Bowl
    • Coins And Fan
    • To Pass A Shilling Into A Ball Of Worsted
    • A Disappearing Sixpence
    • Mysterious Disappearance Of A Coin
  • Tricks With Handkerchiefs And Flags
    • To Tie A Knot Which Cannot Be Drawn Tight
    • To Tie An Instantaneous Knot In A Handkerchief
    • To Tie Silk Handkerchiefs Together And Untie Them Instantaneously
    • A Handkerchief Vanisher And Exchanger
    • To Tie A Number Of Knots Which By Merely Shaking Become Unloosed
    • Appearing And Disappearing Silk Handkerchiefs
    • The Soup Plate And Silk Handkerchiefs
    • Trick With Handkerchief, Gun, And Sword
    • Handkerchiefs Produced Dry From A Glass Of Wine
    • The Flag And Candle Illusion
    • A New Glass, Handkerchief, And Hat Trick
    • Another Method Of Vanishing Or Exchanging A Handkerchief
    • Other Methods Of Producing Handkerchiefs
    • Another Match-Box Féke
    • Fékes For Causing Handkerchiefs To Disappear
    • The Sun And Moon
    • A Flying Handkerchief
    • The Growth Of A Handkerchief In A Glass
    • Manufacturing A Flag
    • A New Handkerchief And Flag Trick
  • Tricks With Flowers
    • Spring Flowers
    • A Soup-Plate Full Of Flowers
    • Marvellous Floriculture
    • A New Flower Trick
  • Tricks With Eggs
    • A Good Féke For Holding An Egg
    • A Laying Hen Concealed In A Handkerchief
    • A Travelling Egg
    • Confetti And Egg
    • The Egg And Handkerchief
  • Tricks With Rings
    • A Borrowed Ring Found In A Nest Of Envelopes Manufactured Out Of A Programme
    • A Borrowed Ring Made To Travel
  • Tricks With Watches
    • A Smashed Watch Restored
    • An Obedient Watch, Handkerchief, And Glass
  • Miscellaneous Tricks
    • Disappearing Gloves
    • The Billiard-Ball Trick
    • The Fish-Bowl Trick
    • The Bowl Of Fire
    • The Magic Die
    • Hot Coffee And Milk Made Out Of Paper Cuttings
    • The Tambour Rings
    • The Wizard's Chain
    • The Phantom Glass Of Water
    • A Novel Arithmetical Trick
    • A Trick On A Chess Board
    • The Magic Cricket Bat
    • Torn Paper Fanned Whole Again
    • A Trick With Thimbles
    • The Japanese Bowls Of Rice And Water
    • The Milk, Wine, And Flag Mystery
    • The Magic Bricks
    • Magic Paper Rings
    • "Tao-Li Tao"
    • Suspension And Disappearance Of A Rabbit
    • A Magic Ball
    • Another Obedient Ball
    • A Travelling Glass Of Water
    • William Tell Eclipsed
    • Charmed Organ Pipes; Or, The Magician's Banquet
    • The Telephone Illusion
    • The Indian Hubble-Bubble Jar Mystery
    • The Drum Which Can't Be Beaten
    • Black Magic
    • The Burmese Gong
    A Chat With Hercat

1st edition 1908, 142 pages; PDF 81 pages.
word count: 36657 which is equivalent to 146 standard pages of text