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Simple Tricks
by Hercat

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Simple Tricks by Hercat

From the preface:

The title of this little brochure indicates its contents. Simple Tricks and simple tricks only. No apparatus is required and but little sleight-of-hand is needed in the performance of any of them. They consist of a series of tricks and problems, easily acquired, suitable for gatherings round the table on winter evenings. Some of them are new and many are old; but even the oldest are new to the rising generation. For six of the latest tricks, - "A Hindu Swindle," "The Elusive Match," "A Subtle Impromptu Effect with a Coin," "A Novel Card Effect," "An Artful Card Force," and "Another Easy Card Force," - I am indebted to my friend Mr. F. Walford Perry, a thoroughly up-to-date and original young conjurer.

    • An Easy Method Of Finding A Selected Card
    • To Bring A Chosen Card From The Bottom Of The Pack At Any Number Requested
    • A Chosen Card Shaken Through A Handkerchief
    • A Selected Card Found In A Lighted Cigarette
    • A Sticking Card
    • Two Selected Cards Caught In The Air
    • An Easy But Puzzling Trick
    • Travelling Cards
    • To Name All The Cards In The Pack
    • The Sense Of Touch
    • Where Is The Ace?
    • To Make A Person Name A Card Which You Have Yourself Selected
    • The Clock
    • How To Guess Cards Thought Of
    • An Ingenious Card Trick
    • To Name A Card Which Some One Has Thought Of
    • The Rejected Recruits - A Laughable Trick
    • A Novel Card Effect
    • An Artful Card Force
    • Another Easy Card Force
    • A Simple But Puzzling Card Trick
    • How To Detect A Marked Coin
    • A Penetrative Shilling
    • Another Simple Trick
    • A Coin To Disappear From Your Cheek And Reappear At Your Elbow
    • Two Vanished Half-Crowns
    • A Divination
    • An Effective But Simple Trick
    • Changing Apple And Coins
    • An Obedient Sixpence
    • Coin And Glass
    • A Simple Experiment With Four Shillings
    • Puzzle Of Ten Halfpence
    • How To Increase Your Wealth
    • A Neat Coin Trick
    • A Subtle Impromptu Effect With A Coin
    • An Original Coin Swindle
    • A Cross
    • A Knot That Cannot Be Drawn Tight
    • To Tie An Instantaneous Knot In A Handkerchief
    • Half A Burnt Message Found Restored In A Candle
    • Two Good Ring Tricks
    • To Ascertain A Number Thought Of
    • How To Name A Number Which Has Been Erased
    • A Lesson In The Correct Formation Of A Figure
    • Four Nines Problem
    • An Answer To A Sum Given In Advance
    • An Arithmetical Puzzle
    • An Arithmetical Mystery
    • How To Tell Her Age
    • A Race In Addition
    • To Predict The Hour Your Friend Intends To Rise On The Following Morning
    • Experiment With Ten Matches
    • The Magic Nine
    • Triangles With Matches
    • Match Squares
    • Your Opponent Must Take The Last Match
    • A Shakespearean Quotation
    • Numeral
    • Six And Five Make Nine
    • The Artful Schoolboys
    • What Are Matches Made Of?
    • A Sheep Pen
    • Post And Rail Puzzle
    • A Good After-Dinner Trick
    • To Remove A Serviette Ring From A Tape Held On The Thumbs Of Another Person
    • An Experiment In Gravity
    • A Scissors Feat
    • Another Trick With A Pair Of Scissors
    • An Indestructible Cigarette-Paper
    • To Cut An Apple In Two With Your Finger
    • A Trick With Dominoes
    • An Escape
    • Cigarette Papers And Serviettes
    • Four Cigarette Papers
    • A Hindoo Swindle
    • The Elusive Match - A Capital Impromptu Trick
1st edition 1912, 79 pages; PDF 51 pages.
word count: 17980 which is equivalent to 71 standard pages of text