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Contactless Automatic Card At Number: Ebook #4
by Biagio Fasano

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Contactless Automatic Card At Number: Ebook #4 by Biagio Fasano

This fourth part of my card project (each volume is, in any case, totally independent of the others) includes 3 new original A.C.A.A.N. effects requiring no sleight of hands:

  • K.N.O.C.K. Out ACAAN
  • Direct ACAAN
  • ACAAN C.B.F.

It's a new series of hands-off self-working card magic effects, that will all happen in your viewer's hands. No particular skill is required, just the ability to instruct and pay attention to what the viewer is doing... In this third eBook you will find a colour Pdf that will allow you to perform amazing automatic "Any Card At Any Number" Effects.

These are the simple rules that all my effects obey in this project:

  1. The deck in use could be stacked or gimmicked, but anyway it must be possible to show it to the audience (and in case, to be quickly examined by a spectator).
  2. Once the cards have been (falsely) shuffled, the deck is given to a spectator and the performer will no longer touch it until the effect ends.
  3. The performer will simply provide all the instructions that the spectator will follow and the effect will happen in his own hands.
  4. Viewers will truly believe they have complete freedom in choosing both the number and the card.

Included on Volume 4 there are 3 new unpublished effects, two of which use two decks of cards each:

K.N.O.C.K. Out ACAAN (Known Number of Cards Cut Out):

Two decks of cards are introduced by the illusionist, who announces that he wants to perform an experiment about finding a selected card at a chosen number. The spectator is asked to freely choose in which order the two decks are to be used: one will detect a number through the sum of the values of three cards, chosen by the spectator by cutting this deck into three bundles, while the other will allow the random choice of the card, which will be shuffled immediately after within the same deck. In spite of the randomness of the cuts and shuffles made by the spectator, he will find the chosen card exactly in the position indicated by that number

Direct ACAAN (Card at Sum of Values):

A deck of cards is introduced by the illusionist: speading it in his hands, he shows the cards in the act of removing the 2 jokers and then shuffling it. A kind lady, chosen as a viewer, cuts and complete, one or more times, as desired. One card is chosen and loosen into the deck; then, by cutting at any point, the first twelve cards are dealt, face down, into four piles. The spectator chooses a pile at random, turns the three cards face up and, adding up their values, gets a number. After having cut the deck once again and having discarded a small bunch of cards of her choice, risking to discard, among the others, just the chosen card, the lady will count from the top exactly the number previously obtained and she will incredibly find the chosen card!

ACAAN C.B.F.(Chosen Between Few):

The magician introduces two identical card cases and announces that he is going to present an experiment of finding a card to a number, both chosen by a spectator. He will proceed to have the spectator choose which deck he prefers to start with, taking into consideration the value of the card first. The viewer will then choose a card, cutting at will one of the decks and then shuffle it, and from a second deck will be chosen this time a number, through a simple procedure. after the illusionist has shuffled it, the spectator will cut the deck one or more times, as desired; then he deal one by one on the table 16 face-down cards in 4 packs of 4 cards each: he will choose one of the 4 packs, whose values of the 4 cards added together will determine a number. Now the spectator will only have to count from the top of the deck where he had chosen the card up to that number to find the chosen card again.

1st edition 2021, PDF 15 pages.
word count: 5196 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text

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