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In Your Hands 1
by Roberto Bombassei & Biagio Fasano

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In Your Hands 1 by Roberto Bombassei & Biagio Fasano

This ebook, written by Roberto Bombassei and edited in the English version by Biagio Fasano, is a formidable collection of almost twenty card magic effects, semi-automatic and hands-off, meant to be performed remotely, on the phone, or in a video conference. Principles known to magicians alternate with others more interesting and less known by various authors, to create new effects that can pleasantly amaze your viewers.

Here are some of the tricks you'll find:

  • TOUCH CARD LOCATION - a method to find a chosen card in an inexplicable way.
  • MACH PREDICTION - another way to locate a card just thought by a viewer.
  • COLOR PREDICTION - predict a choice of a spectator between Red and Black.
  • E- MONTE - the 3 card Monte on-line.
  • E-OIL AND WATER - the classic card effect but in the hands of the viewer at home.
  • PHONE CARD LOCATION - Abracadabra, ABRACADABRA: the most important and known magic word for a magic effect online.
  • MENTAL POKER - A mental challenge in online poker.
  • ROYAL FLUSJ - a poker hand, a thought card...
  • THE NUMBER - Think of a Card!
  • ON SIGHT - Cut at a card from your home. I know it.
  • MIND GAMES - Shuffle your cards and a miracle happens...
  • MIND AND DICES - Roll two dice and I predict two cards.
  • SEEDING - Shuffle the cards, take one, lose it and I'll find it...
  • E-OUT OF THIS WORLD - the last section of the ebook is dedicated to 3 different versions of Out of This World but they are completely hands-off: all happens in the hands of the spectators and always is it possible to perform at a distance.

"What struck me most about this ebook is the ability to exploit known techniques on a different level, giving them new form. Sometimes, with innocent requests from the magician, you are actually having the cards preordained for the spectator without him even realizing it. Some effects can be commercial from simple solutions, but don't underestimate these effects ... If you want to amaze your audience, with innovative material, you have found what you need! Many of these effects I've had the opportunity to repurpose during live broadcasts and video calls with friends, and I assure you that "It can be done!" There are, among these effects, at least three that have amazed my magician friends, precisely because they exploit the potential of this new stage in which we find ourselves forced to perform. Finally, the ebook title has under it four more letters: "Vol. 1" ... I can assure you that I am looking forward to the continuation!" - Andrea Clemente Pancotti

1st edition 2022, PDF 29 pages.
word count: 5653 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text