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Cool Hot Pocket Mysteries
by Gerard Zitta


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Cool Hot Pocket Mysteries by Gerard Zitta

This product bundle includes three items, with more than 15 effects that can be carried in your pockets.

Cool Mysteries impromptu, requires no special props or preparation. The two other ones need some one-time preparation (only one effect needs a special gimmick): Pocket Mysteries, Hot Mysteries.



  • Elimination
  • The bills trips mystery
  • Hands off my Lady!
  • Guess my card
  • Take my order
  • Any candy at any number
  • Monty Hall dilemna (V1)
  • Flash at Carnival, Nice 1932
  • Free will ( V1)
  • Color healing
  • SVP
  • The hypnosis system
  • The die is cast
  • Chair'Z
  • Scam ACAAN
  • Bonus

1st edition 2015, 110 pages.
word count: 22987 which is equivalent to 91 standard pages of text