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Cranium Conundrums
by Max Ödlund

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Cranium Conundrums by Max Ödlund

Cranium Conundrums is an ebook of 66 logic puzzles with two convenient features, which are rarely found in other books of puzzles: ranked by difficulty, a clue.

Difficulty: Every puzzle comes with a difficulty measured in time. It estimates the time an average person would need to solve the puzzle. This is a great way to select which puzzles you want to work on. Of course, the difficulty measure will only be accurate on average. If you are a savvy puzzle solver you will probably find the solution faster. If this is your first book of puzzles you will probably need to schedule a bit more time than suggested.

Clue: Every puzzle offers a clue on the next page to its description. This hint often gets you half way to the solution. If you just can't find a solution you don't need to go right to the solution. You can first read the clue and see if this gives you an idea - it often does. Didactically this is a wonderful vehicle. The value of puzzles lies primarily in the time spent to find a solution and then in the satisfaction gained finding a solution. Without a hint puzzles are all or nothing. If you don't find the solution you don't get the satisfaction. The clue gives you a better chance to still get part of the satisfaction rather than having to give up entirely on the puzzle.

The puzzle topics span a wide variety from pure numbers and logic, to geometrical problems as well as Bridge, Chess and an unusual but exceedingly clever crossword puzzle.

(Volume 2 in this series is: Cranium Conundrums 2)

1st edition 1990 in Swedish; English edition 2011; 209 pages.
word count: 12176 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text

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