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Creativity and Impact
by Boris Wild

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Creativity and Impact by Boris Wild

Detailed explanation of the method to build a creative act and the techniques of impact on the audience used by Boris (including a whole chapter on how to create standing ovations).

For the very first time, a full-time French professional performer unveils all the secrets that will allow you to develop and strengthen the impact of your magic on the audience: thinking and process of creation, techniques of working, presentation, interaction with the audience, body language, psychological subtleties...

Boris even explains the method he developed to build his FISM award winning act. A method you will be able to apply to your own act, whatever your field in magic is! Finally, you will also discover the techniques that Boris has been using for the last ten years to leave deep impressions on audiences and create standing ovations. An exclusive section which is worth the price of the lecture notes by itself.

Some unique and precious information you usually never find in any book or on any DVD.

Excerpt from David Wilson's foreword

We have to admit this brand new lecture drastically changes the usual pattern of regular lectures.

Boris is indeed not there to show us tricks, explain them and then sell. Not at all! Boris offers us something else. A journey into the land of thinking, strategy, revamping, creativity and construction. A real delight!

A great performer who thinks as a creator, a sculptor, a modeler and turns an ordinary trick into an amazing effect by asking himself a few essential questions.

Thank you Mister Boris Wild for putting us back on the right track of artistic thinking. Thank you for the cleverness of this lecture, for your generosity, your kindness and your talent!

"His lecture notes are complete and perfectly written in a very pure style in the image of his magic. A very fine lecture." - Patrick Dessi

"Quite simply brilliant. No way you can miss it." - Gildas Borghetto

"Very very good lecture. Very instructive on so many points. It really makes up a "whole" in different fields and not only necessarily in magic only. In short, it is ESSENTIAL, you can only become better after seeing it." - Cyril Magix

"Very nice lecture, a tremendous learning experience!" - Catusse

"Do not miss this great lecture!!! You will not regret it!!!" - Nirag

1st edition 2010; 32 pages.
word count: 8490 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text