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Boris Wild's Lecture
by Boris Wild


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Boris Wild's Lecture by Boris Wild

Boris is probably best known for his 'Boris Wild Marked Deck', which he describes here in detail. (For the right material to prepare your Boris Wild Marked Deck please see here.) He also teaches his version of a memorized deck, which you can learn in 6 minutes, because there is a system, a formula if you will, to it. And particularly the combination of his marked deck and his memorized deck allow you to fulfill your Wild-est effects.

If that is not enough then you will also learn the Kiss Count. The Kiss Count is a new move in cardmagic. Thanks to it, you will be able to pretend you have four identical cards while you really have four different cards. It replaces Brother John Hamman’s dear old “Flushtration Count”.

Of course, you are not just learning moves and techniques, but you are also getting some increadible routines:

Chain Reaction
The magician shows a double back deck on both sides and cut it in two halves. He turns one packet over and shuffles it into the other. He snaps his fingers, spreads the deck and all the backs of the cards are now upwards! What a triumph! Of course it was a gag and the magician wonders what kind of trick he can do with such a deck to perform something much stronger. Suddendly, he has an idea: he takes five cards out of the deck, puts them in a row on his mat and leaves the rest of the double back cards next to him on the table. Then he shows a normal deck and asks someone to take one of the five double back cards from the table and to slide it somewhere in the deck. He takes the card right under the double back card and show it (10 of hearts for example). The magician takes the 10 of hearts and turns the four other double back cards into four 10 ten of hearts, each one in a different way! At the end of the routine, he fans the five 10 of hearts and waves them over the double back deck. The cards are spread: they are all now 10 of hearts!!! Everything can be examined.

The magician writes a prediction on a little piece of paper that he folds and places in a transparent glass. Then he gives a deck to a spectator and asks him to check that all the cards are different. The spectator shuffles the deck and gives it back to the magician. The deck is spread face-down on the table and the spectator eliminates dozens of cards without any ambiguity. Finally, after several free eliminations, there is only card left on the mat: the card that the magician wrote on the piece of paper before the effect starts!

A blue deck of cards is shown, put back in its box and thrown to someone in the audience. A red deck is given to a spectator who will help the magician. While the spectator checks and shuffles thoroughly this deck, the magician asks a lady to tell him any number: 13 for example. The magician gets the red deck back without looking at the faces and asks the spectator who shuffled it to pick up a card and to show it to everybody (the 7 of clubs for example). The magician asks the spectator who has the blue deck since the beginning to take it out of the box and to count 13 cards : the 13th is the 7 of clubs!

Pure Telepathy
The magician shows an ordinary deck of cards, he leaves it on the table and he withdraws into a corner of the room. A lady cuts the deck where she wants and looks at the bottom card of the portion she has cut. Then, the magician asks her to shuffle the cards she has in her hands and during this, a second spectator takes the rest of the deck and puts it back in the box. The magician comes back to the lady, he takes the cards and fans them in front of her (N.B.: he never looks at the faces). He asks her not to say anything but to feel a strong emotion when she sees her card. Little by little and without asking any question, the magician drops all the cards... except one: the card the lady is thinking of!

1st edition 2006; 24 pages.
word count: 7518 which is equivalent to 30 standard pages of text

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