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FFFF Lecture 2003
by Boris Wild

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FFFF Lecture 2003 by Boris Wild

The FFFF (Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic) convention is the "Original Close-Up Magic Convention" and the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world. Since 1971 the By-Invitation-Only event continues to feature the best performers, creators and lecturers in the world. This means the very fact that one can attend this convention is a badge of honor and admission into the highest ranks of magic. Boris Wild has attended FFFF and this ebook is his lecture from 2003. As you can imagine magicians who lecture at FFFF show, teach and demonstrate their very best stuff. After all they want to impress the best of the best.

Wild Monte
A very special three-card monte routine in which the back of the money card changes color all along the routine to the audience's utter despair!

Bikini Prediction
An original routine in which the magician predicts the winner of the "Miss Bikini" beauty contest!

Chain Reaction
The magician shows a double-backed deck on both sides and cut it in two halves. He turns one packet over and shuffles it into the other. He snaps his fingers, spreads the deck and all the backs of the cards are now upwards! What a triumph! Of course it was a gag and the magician wonders what kind of trick he can do with such a deck to perform something much stronger. Suddendly, he has an idea: he takes five cards out of the deck, puts them in a row on his mat and leaves the rest of the doublebacked cards next to him on the table. Then he shows a normal deck and asks someone to take one of the 5 double-backed cards from the table and to slide it somewhere in the deck. The card right under is taken out (the 10 of hearts for example). The magician takes the 10 of hearts and turns the four other double-backed cards into four 10 ten of hearts, each one in a different way! At the end of the routine, he fans the five 10 of hearts and waves them over the double-backed deck. The cards are spread: they have all become 10 of hearts!!! Everything can be examined.

Double Personality II
A freely chosen card is turned over in a red deck. The magician spreads a blue deck (which was in full view from the beginning) and one card is reversed: the same as the chosen card! Then the magician snaps his fingers and the two cards mysteriously change place! The red chosen card is now in the blue deck and the predicted blue card is now in the red deck!

I Can See Clearly Now
A freely chosen card is found under impossible conditions in a very spectacular way... because the magician is blindfolded!

Mindbuster Video
The performer explains that he is in a new business besides magic. He sells DVDs on the Internet but in a very unusual way. "If you want to buy a DVD, you send an e-mail to Mindbuster Video (that's the name of the company) without giving the name of the movie. A delivery man comes to your house with a little parcel and asks you what movie you want to have. Then he opens the parcel. If it is the right movie, we guessed right and you pay the DVD. If it is not the right movie, then we give it to you for free". The magician gives a padded enveloppe to the spectator and asks him to choose a movie at random so it will be impossible for him to be influenced or helped by the style of the spectator. He introduces the Mindbuster Video catalog in the form of fiftytwo cards. He shows that a different movie is written on each card and there are all kinds of films from "Ghost" to "Basic Instinct". The spectator then shuffles the deck and using two "Mindbuster Video" bookmarks, he successively selects a portion of the deck then one single card which is turned over. The freely chosen movie is "Scooby-Doo" and when the envelope is opened, the spectator takes a "Scooby-Doo" DVD out of it! Another success for Mindbuster Video!

1st edition 2003; 24 pages.
word count: 8203 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text