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Crymp: the RFID-blocking Origami Wallet with Closure
by Chris Wasshuber

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Crymp: the RFID-blocking Origami Wallet with Closure by Chris Wasshuber

Crymp is an origami wallet (no gluing or sewing) that you can fold in a matter of a few minutes. With some practice, one can do it in under a minute. The unique feature of the wallet is that it has a closure. A specially designed plastic piece, roughly the size of a credit card, is inserted in such a way that it locks in place so that it cannot fall out or be pulled out during normal usage. It allows a rubber band to be semi-permanently linked to the wallet. This makes opening and closing the wallet very easy because the rubber band can't be lost. One can let go of it and it remains attached to the wallet. Nevertheless, the rubber band can easily be exchanged if broken.

The two outside pockets are accessible without opening the wallet or removing the rubber band. With a little push by the thumb, a credit card can be slid out of the wallet. Nevertheless, the shape of the pockets and the rubber band provide a firm hold on all the contents of the wallet. To access the two inside pockets one has to remove the rubber band.

If the wallet is folded from our special coated and textured aluminum foil the wallet will be RFID-blocking. Another great material to use for Crymp is Tyvek. You will receive a sheet of white Tyvek to get you started. Any foldable sheet material can be used and experimented with such as packing paper and gift wrap paper. We are adding a tear-resistant paper for you to experiment with. This is not completely untearable like Tyvek but it looks and feels essentially like regular office paper.

You will also receive different rubber band types. Our preferred and recommended one is a molded translucent silicone rubber band. They are long-lasting, very uniform, and look sleek. You will receive two of these with your order. We will also include two regular black office rubber bands. These are not as long-lasting and not as uniform but are good ones to experiment with. As long as supplies last we will also include a black EPDM rubber band. This one is a bit thicker than the others. It is not molded but cut from a tube stock which means the edges are not necessarily completely straight. But it will last a lot longer than the average office rubber band.

Crymp is also the ideal small packet trick storage solution for those who want to have something nicer looking and feeling than the usual plastic sleeves. One can store up to half a deck of playing cards and more in one Crymp.

You will receive the following letter-sized sheets to fold your wallet:

  • Coated and slightly ribbed aluminum foil, black on one side and silver on the other. This is the RFID-blocking material and our favorite to fold a wallet.
  • White Tyvek
  • White tear-resistant paper. This is not completely untearable like Tyvek but it is tear-resistant and looks and feels much more like regular paper than Tyvek does.

You will receive the following rubber bands in the correct size and width to be used for Crymp:

  • 2 translucent molded silicone rubber bands. These are long-lasting very uniform and look great.
  • 2 black office rubber bands. These are matt black, cut from tube stock, and thus do not have necessarily entirely straight edges. Depending on usage they may stretch out rather quickly but are good to experiment with.
  • 1 black EPDM rubber band. It is thicker than the office bands. It is also cut from tube stock, but it will last a lot longer than the office rubber bands. (We only have a limited supply of these and will include it as long as supplies last.)

The folding instructions with diagrams and photos, and further tips and suggestions, come in the form of a PDF which you will be able to download.

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