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Daniel Skahen

Daniel Skahen

Daniel has been studying and practicing magic all his life on various levels. From elementary school talent shows, high school summer jobs, a college campus reputation, and beyond. Over the years, he has established a working repertoire of exclusively original magic. Dan performs every day, and runs a small business.

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Daniel Skahen
Mysteries of Mind and Matter by Daniel Skahen

With this ebook Dan shares a wealth of experience, thoughts and tips with you. It splits into four sections:

  1. Routines, Effects & Trickery
  2. Techniques, Sleights & Tools
  3. Shifts, Subtleties & Spices
  4. Thoughts, Essays & Theory
Check out the preview of this ebook. [Note: This ebook is an updated and expanded version of Dan's other four ebooks: Magic by Theory, Mastery in Magic, The Magic of Tyler and The Public Approach.

Dan has a genuine desire to teach you from his experiences performing and living magic. Here is Dan in his own words:

How years developing my personal repertoire can contribute to the success of yours today...

When I first became interested in magic, my passion initially bordered on obsession. I became committed to learning,...

★★★★★ $40
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Daniel Skahen
The Public Approach by Daniel Skahen

This ebook addresses in a fairly comprehensive and very thoughtful way, how should one approach a stranger with magic. I have not seen any other work which addresses this issue in such detail and with such practical advice. If you are looking to do some 'street magic', this is an ebook you should not ignore.

1st edition, 2005; 140 pages.

  • Why the Public Approach?
  • Reversing the Perspective
  • Fundamental Human Nature
  • People are Bored
  • Personal Confidence
  • The Freedom of Indifference
  • Reframing Limiting Beliefs
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Testing the Waters
  • It's Nothin' Personal ...
★★★★★ $10
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Daniel Skahen
The Magic of Tyler by Daniel Skahen

This is a colleciton of the best of Daniel Tyler's inspirations over the past five years. The first section covers effects and routines, the second section moves. You will find new ideas and variations of old classics. Overall solid commercial material.

1st edition, 2005; 125 pages.


Counterfeit Card The best method I have ever seen or come up with for a countdown routine.

P4 – Peppermint Patty Power Puncher A cross between Torn & Restored and Healed & Sealed ... with Peppermint Patties!

Dirty Laundry The cleanest and easiest card-to-sock routine.

Lincoln’s Trick One of the...

★★★★ $20
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Daniel Skahen
Mastery in Magic by Daniel Skahen

This is an ebook for serious beginners. This book will not make you a master – that is not what is meant by the title. This book will, however, set you on what the author believes is the best path to mastery. You’re going to learn:

  • About learning magic and reaching mastery itself, the largest context.
  • Practical, time-tested sleights that cater to all venues of close-up.
  • Secrets of presentation for a memorable performance.
  • Skills you need to have that underlie everything else.
  • Amazing tricks and routines, both easy and powerful.
  • How to be a magician.

1st edition, 2005; 232 pages....

★★★★★ $20
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Daniel Skahen
Magic by Theory by Daniel Skahen

As the title suggests, this is a pure work about theory, but not old and dusty thoughts, instead a fresh and new look by Daniel Tyler. Certainly you will find topics which are as old as magic, such as 'the merit of gimmicks' and 'misdirection', but you will also find a chapter dealing with 'where to shop', which is up-to-date and includes places on the internet. This chapter alone can save you a multiple of the price of this ebook. Or what about 'getting the girl' or 'how to admire Blaine, but be yourself' - all topics that Daniel discusses. You might be shocked to hear that Daniel is just eighteen...

★★★★★ $7.50
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