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The Public Approach

by Daniel Skahen

(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Public Approach by Daniel Skahen

This ebook addresses in a fairly comprehensive and very thoughtful way, how should one approach a stranger with magic. I have not seen any other work which addresses this issue in such detail and with such practical advice. If you are looking to do some 'street magic', this is an ebook you should not ignore.

1st edition, 2005; 140 pages.

  • Why the Public Approach?
  • Reversing the Perspective
  • Fundamental Human Nature
  • People are Bored
  • Personal Confidence
  • The Freedom of Indifference
  • Reframing Limiting Beliefs
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Testing the Waters
  • It's Nothin' Personal
  • 10 Rules of the Public Approach
  • Body Language and Voice Tone
  • Essentials of Charm
  • Assuming Familiarity
  • How to Approach a Horse
  • Punks, Drunks, and Beautiful Women
  • The Standard Approach
  • Hook, Line & Sinker
  • Alternative Approaches
  • Taking Action: Uptime vs. Downtime
  • Constant Improvements
  • Recommended Reading List

word count: 27685 which is equivalent to 110 standard pages of text
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