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Mastery in Magic

by Daniel Skahen

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Mastery in Magic by Daniel Skahen

This is an ebook for serious beginners. This book will not make you a master – that is not what is meant by the title. This book will, however, set you on what the author believes is the best path to mastery. You’re going to learn:

  • About learning magic and reaching mastery itself, the largest context.
  • Practical, time-tested sleights that cater to all venues of close-up.
  • Secrets of presentation for a memorable performance.
  • Skills you need to have that underlie everything else.
  • Amazing tricks and routines, both easy and powerful.
  • How to be a magician.

1st edition, 2005; 232 pages.

Section One: Before Learning Magic (essays) The Success Track; Mental preparation for the journey to Mastery; The timeless phases of success; Misconceptions and self-deception; A game plan for success; Quotable quotes from Master magicians

Section Two: The Magician Transition (essays)First shift in thinking; Making it count; Finding your style; Being yourself; The merit of gimmicks; Flourishes

Section Three: Introduction to Cards (tutorials)Bees, Bicycles, and Tally-Ho’s; Overhand, Hindu, Riffle shuffles; Mechanics Grip; Biddle Grip; Pinky breaks, thumb breaks, transitioning breaks; Double Lifts; The Glide; Standard palming; Riffle Force; Slip Force; Swing and Swivel Cut; Ribbon Spread; Basic Card Control; Fanning the Cards; False cut; The Charlier Cut; Tilt; One-Handed Fan; Elmsley Count; Erdnase Color Change; Tenkai Palm; Slop Shuffle; Top Change; Spread Cull; Classic Pass; Springing the Cards; Twirl Change

Section Four: The Underlying Skills (essays) Where to shop; Practicing; Routining; Innovation, Creating Magic

Section Five: Introduction to Coins (tutorials) What to use; Retention of Vision; Working with coins; Classic Palm; Finger Palm; Fingertip Rest; Standard vanish; French drop; Shuttle Pass; Intro to Sleeving; Coin Roll; Coin and Handkerchief; Coin from Ear; Gimmicks to have; Gimmicks to avoid; Cleaning your coins; Tunnel Vanish; Ramsey Subtlety; Tenkai Pinch; Han Ping Chien; Sleeve that Behind!; Coin to Glass; L’Homme Masque

Section Six: All About Laymen (essays) The Spectators; Eliminating competition; Switching gears; Getting the girl; Dealing with Hecklers; Nothing personal

Section Seven: Introduction to Ordinary Objects (tutorials) Spoon Bend; Salt Shaker through Table; Ashes on Arm; Jumping Rubber bands; Balducci Levitation; Water Cooler; Bill Melt; Crazy Man’s Handcuffs; 100 Dollar Bill Switch; Ash Penetration; Striking Vanish; Vanishing Credit Card; Bouncing Roll; Match through Match; Necessities

Section Eight: The Performing Art (essays) Patter; Improvisation; Misdirection; Anticipation; All about Humor

Section Nine: Jumpstart – Ten Tricks to Start an Arsenal (tutorials) Twister; Caper Case; Slippery Ambition; The Vengeful Massacre of the Broken-Hearted; Sleeve that Behind!; The M&M Switch, Improved; Blind Triumph; Zombie Card; Pendulum Double Lift; Ultimate Card to Pocket

Section Ten: In the Field (essays) Getting yourself paid; Cooling the nerves; The Public Approach; Street Magic 101
word count: 78149 which is equivalent to 312 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Daniel López (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 09 October, 2015

I've been studying magic since I was 22 years old, I discovered this amazing art at that age, I live in a Island in Mexico so its a little difficult to find magic to learn so I had to find my way, after a while I discover some stuffs written in this book but I was scared to go out and perform street magic. This book Inspired me to get back to perform magic. I wish I could have this wisdom available when I started in magic, If you are a beginner This book is a must in your collection, I've read a lot about magic and what I found in this book was one of the best resources about learning the art of Magic.
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