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Deeper Still: Deep Shadows Volume 2
by Dee Christopher

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Deeper Still: Deep Shadows Volume 2 by Dee Christopher

Deeper Still carries on the trend from Deep Shadows, introducing many new effects, gimmicks and techniques; laced with advice and unique thinking throughout.

Dee has scoured his notebooks to put together another collection of his favourite material - This is direct, and solid material. Every method is real, there are no 'pipe dream effects' or methods that could fail. As a professional, you need reliable material that's been through the trenches. This is your next stop to collect that gold.


The Beast: The Broken Wings note pad was (and still is) a tool that you could base a whole show around - It's powerful, innocent and flexible. "The Beast" takes the original concept to another level, giving you a tool that you could base a career on. It holds within it's folds the necessary gimmickry to;

  • Peek Information
  • Switch billets or cards inside or OUTSIDE the pad
  • Invisibly steal billets or other items out of spectator's hands
  • Built in, expandable indexing system
  • Automatic Writing without special pens
  • Forcing
  • Mental Epic
  • Predictions
This is a secret that I've held close for years, it was only on the market for a very short time, but now it's back and only available in this volume.

Triptic: A method for creating the perfect one-ahead. Three notepads are numbered, so no switching can occur, yet you can predict three different thoughts from three participants. Also taught is a method to eliminate the need for a force! This was the feature piece that everyone spoke about in my Penguin Live Lecture, now you can learn it in detail, with written instruction and a link to video instruction too!

Broken: Dee Christopher explores his methodology for the classic Geller effect of fixing a spectator's watch using energy or psychic power. Originally written for television; this will work on camera, over the radio or on stage.

A watch you have apparently never seen before will begin ticking again, in the participant's own hands, without you having to touch it. As long as your participant can follow extremely simple instructions, this miracle is made possible through clever subtleties and a diabolical method.

Sword: A pseudo-hypnosis demonstration with beer bottles; despite finding it easy a moment before, your participant is unable to open a beer bottle as soon as you remove his ability to do so. This is a lightly comedic piece which plays as a full routine on stage or in parlour situations, an ideal heckler-killer and a very strong effect!

Nightsky: Originally appearing in a Peter Turner book, Nightsky is a beautiful method for forcing a participant into constructing the scene/image you want them to, existing only in their mind. Taking up very little pocket space (one card slot in my wallet!), you will always be ready to go with a killer drawing duplication, or mind reading demonstration.

Cinders: Cinders is a highly visual burnt and restored card effect. A selected card is signed and then set alight, until a good portion is completely burnt away. With only a blow, the card visually restores (this visual is a killer) and can be handed out immediately.

Assimilate: Kurotsuke is a classic effect of mentalism from the master that is Max Maven. Maven's effect has 4 white stones and one black. Each of 5 participants take a stone, sight-unseen and the performer divines who holds the black stone.

Christopher divulges his elegant and fool proof solution for this wonderful effect, that adds an extra layer of deception in a prediction of the final outcome, despite being engineered by one of the participants.

This could be performed with stones in a stand-up environment, as in the original effect, though Christopher offers a simple solution to perform this close up, which destroys the thought that any extra apparatus could be in play.

Death-O-Scope: A theatrical (and gimmickless) version of the pulse stop effect. Using a clever method, you can have a spectator hear your heart beat slow down and stop, as they listen on with a stethoscope. For the entire audience (if you wanted) the ear buds of the stethoscope could even be put around a mic.

Heat: Using a couple of deceptive techniques, you can prove that you have control over temperature by heating your finger tips to the point of melting plastic and heating up metal that on-lookers can feel.

The Subtle Switch Book: An extremely devious method for the add-a-number effect. Using this clever gimmick, you can instantly switch in your force information in a split second.

Burnt Oak: A chilling story and apparent proof of life after death.

Silence: An important essay on harnessing the power of silence in your performances.

Tarot Hallucination: Your impressions are based on the card they thought they saw, when in reality, they just invented it themselves.

The Stone Woman: A tale of astral projection, invincibility and power, culminating in a physical manifestation of photos stealing part of one's soul.

Teeth: Quite possibly the most chilling chop cup routine in existence.

Build The Act: An essay on building darker acts.

Four Methods For The Living and Dead Test: As advertised, Dee discusses four unique and workable methods for creating the living and dead test, You will always know which name out of several is the name belonging to the person on the other side...

The Block Peek: The Block Peek is Christopher's favourite method for peeking information written on a business card, it's quick, gives you a 100% peek of the billet/card and seems impossible. The original method and gimmick is taught, plus a couple of extra (un-published) variations, one of which is completely impromptu!

Get your copy now, this is a killer collection of awesome material for the magician, bizarrist or the mentalist; there's something in here for everyone and many of the methods discussed are flexible enough to be used in other routines you construct yourself.

1st edition 2016, PDF 130 pages + over an hour of video + printable templates
word count: 33743 which is equivalent to 134 standard pages of text