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Broken Wings
by Dee Christopher


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Broken Wings by Dee Christopher

Dee Christopher's work on the John Riggs Add-A-Number pad from The Psychic Agenda*.

With the Broken Wings device, you can easily:

  • Predict impossible things
  • Make writing appear, disappear or transform
  • Create dual realities
  • Force cards
  • Automatic writing without special pens
  • Peek information
  • Drawing Duplications
  • Switch billets or cards
This device is a gimmicked pad. It's simple in it's workings, but since it's conception two years ago, Dee has used it everywhere, from nightclubs to stages with great success.

There are no complex mechanisms to go wrong, no technology to fail, this is a pure, invisible gimmick which allows you to achieve a multitude of impossible effects with ease.

You could set the pad up to satisfy a full act with a variety of routines. A real mind-reader would appear to require no props to read minds. All a real mind reader would need is a pen and paper. All you need is a pen and this pad of paper to make that a reality.

Eight full routines are taught showing the ins and outs of just what this amazing device is capable of.

The instant download provides full instructions on how to construct the Broken Wings pad along side a short video explaining the key move handling the pad.

* While both devices were created independently, John got there first, so this work remains on the market with his kind endorsement. John's Add-A-Number pad can be found on page 14 of his book The Psychic Agenda which after reading the manuscript, comes highly recommended!

1st edition 2011; 17 pages + video.
word count: 4385 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text

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