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by Scott Xavier


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Delusions by Scott Xavier

Delusions is a practical, zero fluff, all situations mentalism book chock full of mind miracles. Heres what you get:

Sequel to HYPED, COMPLETELY clean and easy to perform! Test conditions card delusion. The performer borrows a deck of cards from an audience member. The deck of cards is freely shuffled by a random spectator. The deck is cut and shuffled as freely and as many times as the spectator would like. Another cut is made by the spectator, and this time rather then completing the cut it is marked. A sealed envelope is noted on the table. When the envelopes contents are removed by the spectator, the prediction matches the card just cut to.

800 - THO-UGHT:
This revolutionary effect is a multi tool of mentalism that is worth ten times this ebook! The psychic entertainer presents a challenge of his powers during an impromptu setting. He offers up his cell phone as a sort of challenge prediction. It is sealed inside of a ziploc baggy and given to a spectator to keep it hands off and for safe keeping. A game of guess the numbers ensues. 3 spectators are selected for their ability to guess the three numbers that are sealed inside of an envelope. To further randomize the selection process, a game of musical chairs is played. One by one the spectators are eliminated. Only one challenger emerges victorious! The smug mentalist makes note of the prediction, the cell phone. The cell phone is removed from its ziploc baggy housing and the memo recording is played. The recording is that of the entertainer and this recording describes in great detail who wins the challenge. It goes on to describe in detail what that individual is wearing and even chronicles events and past dealings in this persons life! A Modern miracle of technology!

Two audience members are asked to participate in an experiment in synchronicity. One is selected as a sender and one is selected to be the receiver. The sender focuses on any random image that can be easily drawn. The receiver is told about the ability of psychics to both remote draw as well as automatic write. This receiver is blindfolded and handed a pen and pad of paper. The receiver is told to freely allow his hand to flow across the paper and to just concentrate on nothingness allowing his subconscious to take over. The sender now begins drawing on a second pad of paper and focuses intently on the details of the object in an attempt to transmit the image to the sender. Once the sender is done drawing, the receiver is instructed to stop and remove his blindfold. The two drawings are shown. Though the receivers drawing looks scribbled and chaotic, a clear shape is within this clutter. It matches the object the sender was trying to transmit! A Psychic Synchronicity experiment has been shown to be successful.

A fantasy date is created by the audience. A prediction is shown to reveal all the details. a simple new multi tool for mentalism!

It is your concern whether or not you add card tricks to your show. The debate burns as wildly today as it did in Annemann's day. No one can argue that all mentalists are magicians at heart. It’s like the roofer is a carpenter scenario. Anyway you look at it, I am sure you’ll love to perform this one. I can not claim any originality in this routine other than maybe making it a mental effect. It’s so simple, I could not imagine anyone not having invented it any sooner!

A modern Bullet Catch using a BB/Pellet gun.

The performer remarks about how real magic is in those moments that create awe inside of us. Sometimes they’re moments of pure beauty and mystery. The performer introduces a light bulb. Focusing his mind on the ungimmicked light bulb, it begins to flicker and starts to brighten. dropping the light bulb inside of a plastic bag to isolate it from trickery, the performer instructs the audience to focus on the bulb and to actually try causing the bulb to stay lit longer and to make the bulb light up even brighter! The energy in the audience grows, and then snap the power of the audience causes the bulb to shatter. A matter of too much energy?

Sideshow secret of glass walking revealed. Learn to perform this effect safely!

A wise guy in the audience grabs the mentalists attention. To handle this heckler, the mentalist proposes a demonstration of psychic ability. A game of chance, skill, and subterfuge. Head or tails. At stake is the hecklers silence. The heckler flips a coin 5 times and makes his best guess at what the outcome will be each time. His number of times correct is recorded. Now’s the mentalists turn. Five out of five times the mentalist is correct.

1st edition 2006; 52 pages.
word count: 8271 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text